Discussion on Video Wall Promo

Discussion on Video Wall Promo

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Is there a way to change the purple color behind text place holder 1&2?

There is a lensflare layer that you can turn off or you can mask that portion of the lensflare layer.

I’m having a lot of errors when I launch and render

Hi, If you are using latest version of After Effects in Mac OS then you might get file missing errors. It is caused by Latest update from Adobe. You can select and replace the missing files with the same file from the Footage folder. It will fix the issue. You can use a little older version of After Effects like 2020 version so that you won’t face the issue.

Just purchased Video Wall Promo. It is not presenting the same as your tutorial how to video. Need help

Hi. Responded to your email.

Hi, Just bought this project. Would you please send me the full project with the 100 slots for video? Thank you!

Can you send us a message using our profile page contact form?

Hello, i need additional scenes (more than the 20 placeholders that come with the template. Do you have an updated project file to share? Also, do you have this in 4k resolution? thank you

Hi. Please send us a message using the contact form in our profile page. We can send you the VideoWall file with 100 placeholders. We can make a 4K version also. But need some time.

I just sent you the message through the contact form. Looking forward to receiving the updated project. thanks

Hi, Sent you the file in 4K UHD format.

Hi! Just bought this project. Can’t wait to start! Would you please send me the full project with the 100 slots for video? Many thanks!

Hi. Sent you email.

Hi. I’d like to change the tint from blue to green and adjust, how can I do that? Thanks!

There is this comp named “VideoSlider01”. There you have a adjustment layer. Change the effect on that.

Oh thanks so much! Very quick reply! It worked, thanks! Great template.

Is there a way to extend the featured video segments so they play a bit longer?

Yes. You can extend each video segment in the main comp. You may have to increase each scene comp duration and extend its layers first.

Thank you for the quick response. I also sent you an email. Can I please get the file that allows you to drop in all the photos and not just 20? Thanks!

Hey. Sent you email.

Hi, I just purchased this project and i’m getting this message in after effect: After Effects: this project must be converted from verson 10.0.2 (Windown 64) The original file will be unchanged.


.You have extract the zip file before you could open the file. Open it from the extracted folder. That will save the issue

thanks :)

Just bought this project. Looks great with my footage. Problem is I can’t render it. Keep getting this message:

‘After Effects warning: logged 2 errors, please check log. First error was ’’Memory allocation of 17179869184,0 GB exceeds internal limits (no shit). Decrease the memory requirements for the rendering of this frame. (12802).

Send this project to a buddy and he got the same error. What to do? Got a deadline tomorrow, so help would be greatly appreciated.

Its not good to put my email in here. You should send me a message using my profile page contact form.

Fixed it! Lowered bitrate of each video and set bpc to 8.

In our Machine it is rendering at 16bpc without any issue. If you want we will send you the files.

Hi there, is it possible to change the blue colour effect?

Find the Comp named VideoSlider01. Open it and turn of the adjustment layer on top.

Cool thank you!

Hi there can you send me the version with 100 placholders please

Yes sure. Please send us a message via the profile page contact form.

I sent please have a look

Sent you the file

All my clips are 30secs as suggested, however on the zoomed in parts I want certain parts of the clips to play and adjust the length. How do I do this?

I figured it out, now I need to figure out how to only have the audio from the zoomed in videos to only play and not all videos at the same time

Hi, Sorry for the delay in responding. To have only the audio of the zoomed video you can simply mute all the audios and in the main time line you can put up the audio for particular segment only. That will be the only easy way. Otherwise you have render each video segment separately and merge them together in the end.

Hi! Can the color of the background be another color instead of black?

Yes it is possible.

I would LOVE to purchase this but I’m new to AE. How advanced do you need to be to use this template? I would like to make a 30 second promotional using this and change up the extended promoted imagery monthly.

The entire promo contains around 100 placeholders. Right now the 20 placeholders are duplicated 5 times to make it up to 100. So if you need 100 placeholders I can send you another project file which is having 100 placeholders.

Would this mean having to purchase another project?

No need. Simply contact us from our profile page contact form. We will send you the file.

How much would it cost to have the “feature” window full color and everything else in the muted blue?

We will charge $100 for that. you can contact us via our profile page contact form for further discussion.

can the edges of the monitors be edited as far as color ? white instead of black edges around the video?

Sent you an email..

Is there a way to give the videos less of a blue tint? Thanks

You have to turn off the Adjustment Layer in the “VideoSlider01” Composition. Welcome.

I’d like to use this, but I want to make sure that there aren’t duplicates. I’ll be using this to display logos and I can’t show the same logo multiple times at the same time.

What would be the best way to do that?

Hi, There is a horizontal strip of 20 placeholders which is duplicated five times to generate the wall. You can contact me if you need all the 100 placeholders to be different.

Great work and VProxy is very responsive. They helped beyond the scope of the template! Great experience and would recommend !!

Thank you for your comments.


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