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I just got the Video Library and was extremely excited to start using it. But it seems that 90% of the sequences are just basic glitch overlays. None of the movement animations that are showing on the preview page are actually in the sequences. Is there something I’m doing wrong? (Here’s the preview page I’m referring to

Hello! Can you please contact us via profile page contact form and send screenshots. Thanks!

Hi, I’ve sent an email via the profile page with a question about this, have you got it? I sent it about 10 days ago. Name – Patrick Kenny. Thanks.

Hello! If our developer don’t answers you 10 days – we don’t receive it: please can you send it again ? Thanks

Hi, I have resent the email just now. Please let me know if it doesn’t get to you. Thanks

It’s arrived now

Hello and thanks for the job!

Is there no chance of having an update, with the folder change resolution for all sequences ?

Hello! We will add this function in next update

hurray ! TY !

Hello, is this mailed on a cd or you download after purchase? Pls i need answer asap

You will download it after purchase

I know you have both an AE version and Premiere Pro so I wanted to know which one is faster at rendering on Premiere Pro:

A. Using Dynamic Link to bring clips to AE, adding template, then rendering on Premiere

B. Using .mogrt directly inside of Premiere Pro and not using AE dynamic link

Hello! from ur i will choose B but our items dont have MOGRT. You just can use Video Library for Premiere Pro – fastest way.

Oh thats what i meant to say, is it faster to use the project file Video Library for Premiere Pro, or is it faster to use your AE version via Dynamic Link to Premiere Pro

Then premiere pro faster

Hi, I am french I bought Video Library Premiere pro I noticed there is no text and I can’t customize color in the control panel I think the version in after effect is much better to customize. Can you help me to fix the problem.


Hello! Please contact us via contact form here

Hi there. I was wondering most of the transitions aren’t working on my Windows 10 PC. I do not have an NVIDIA GPU so i do not have CUDA rendering which is required according to your tutorial. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello! If you have AMD Gpu – it will works fine


baucis Purchased

I’ve bought this trough a link in their AnimationStudio package for after effects. Normally it would be a correct link, but this was for premiere and not for after effects. Costed me 30$. Ok no problem if i could use it in after effects, but 70% of the footage is missing. I’m on a deadline, and have send a message, i got an automated answer, but no help till now… When I read further on their page i see that i can buy all of their stuff for the same price… Doesn’t feel alright…

Hello! All you need to do to fix it – relink all missing footages. You can use similar step