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Very nice man :) Original :)

that’s cool work and ideal

Very Nice Work

wow, masterpiece work:) Good luck man in your sales.

wow, thank you all for the kind words :-)

Is there any way to change the colors of the card? I really like it but would like it to be a red color, is that possible?

hi HeliosMediaMarketing, sure you can change any color you want, this project is 100% ae.

i write today an pdf how-to tutorial and i Plan to make an update from vcard this week to change the colors via expressions in a “controlcenter”

greetings preussner

hi, it is done ;-) Version 2 is online.

now you can change the colors in the project.

the expressions change the background, vcard background, Font, grid and the circles color.

i must update the descriprion but the project is ready.

greatings preussner

Great work man!

don’t you want to try something with this song? :)