Wedding Invitations Pack

Wedding Invitations Pack

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This pack contains three (3) Wedding invitation projects:

  • 01 Love Explosion
  • 02 Love n’Roll
  • 03 Love out of the box

Please also check “Valentine’s Day” examples in the end of the Preview Video.

01 Love Explosion

In this project a box full of Candy Hearts is exploded and a wish card is coming towards the screen, announcing the event. You can change the color of the heart box, add your own logo and you can edit all texts shown in preview video. For more details please take a look further below.

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02 Love n’ Roll

This is a logo opener, where a rolling heart comes on screen in an “Elvis Presley” style and reveals your tagline. You can adjust the reflections of your text, but kindly note that the “ONLY YOU” text on the rolling heart is not editable and cannot be hidden.  photo Customization Controls_2_zpsirgfunqa.png  photo Screens_0007_vlcsnap-2017-03-02-19h42m14s984_zpsrl1tdcha.jpg

03 Love out of the box

This is a stop motion animation opener, where several hearts are exiting a heart box and are forming a sentence of your choice. You can also edit the content of some hearts located on the table which are not part of the phrase. You can add your texts, images, logos etc. Please note that the sentence has a limitation in letters per line. We cover totally 25 Letters including spaces. Please take a look further below for more information and screenshots.

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The project contains:
  • Three (3) AE Project Files (CS4 and above compatible)
  • Three (3) separate PDF Tutorials

  • No plugins required.
  • Very easy to edit.

Music tracks are not included, but you can find them here:

  • 1 Love Explosion music track is called “She’s My Baby” made by luispf_17 and can be found here.
  • 2 Love n’ Roll music track is called “Billboard in Fifties” made by VisualSounds and can be found here.
  • 3 Love out of the Box music track is called “She’s My Baby” made by luispf_17 and can be found here.
  • Sound FX of explosion is not included. It is called “Bomb Explode” made by DAC_Audio and can be found here.
  • Fonts used in preview video ending cards are available here and here.

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Videohive Project Code: 19402648 | Renda Project Code: V009