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Appreciate your hard work! much success

Thanks, Vineet_kashyap

I was down in South Korea. very cool, but I can not see the text 3. :crying: How should I?

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Could you please send me your mail?

Of course, Please send mail. My mail address is

Please check your mailbox. Thanks.

High-level of inspiration, thanks minimalab!

Thanks, tjumpus

Hey there! First of all terrific work! I just purchased the package for a personal project and as an AE learner, what would be your tip for extending the individual media holders in lengths, if even possible?

Greetings, Chris

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Please check your mailbox.

Do you mean my Email Inbox? I didnt get any mail there, could you try again?

My Apologies, Please check your mail again.

That’s Awesome :) Great Work :)


Hi, I can’t see the text 3. Can you help me please?

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Could you please send me your email?

amazing project! thank you for sharing.

Thanks for your purchase.

Looks awesome! You should make more openers!


I just purchased the template and installed the Visitor font as indicated in the Help file. However, when I open the AE project, I get a missing font message: The following layer dependencies are missing: Numbers: Font family: ‘Visitor TT1 BRK’, Font style: ‘Regular’ Thanks a lot for helping.

Hi, Thanks for your purchase. Please try to download again from and reinstalling the font.

Hello, your work is amazing, congratulations. I’m in trouble. Video lock in transitions after render. Can help me? THANKS

Hello, Thanks for your purchase. Please send me more details to my mail.

You are awesome designer!

Thanks, Craven-Hunter

Hi.. thanks for this project.. stupid question.. can i change the duration of the corner logo, so it stays during the whole composition? thanks in advance

Hi, Thanks for your question, please send me your email and i will send video tutorial to you. Thanks.

Hi there, awesome video!! I was wondering how you created that horizontal line effect along with the twitches in the video. That’s what i’m searching for!

Hi, thanks for your question i use many effects, venetian blinds effect, noise and grain, manual masking and line shape.

Just bought this but can’t get TEXT 3 to come up? Noticed that a lot of people have the same problem, in advance, here’s my email:

Hello, Thanks for your purchase and sorry for any inconvenience. Please check your mail.

I’ve had a great success with my project. Now my customer wants to buy the video. Going to buy the extended license right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Congratulations and thank you!

Hello there, thanks for your fantastic work and the great 5 star service you provide me today. Minimalab is the best! many thanks!

Thank you so much


I want to purchase but first I’m hoping you can tell/show me if it is easy to increase duration of individual media holders. Can you re-assure me? Thanks