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It’s a great work. And please check your message. I bought it twice by mistake. :(

Hello, I did not get any messages by you. It also doesn’t say here that you bought it. Can you please comment with the account from which the purchase was made.

It’s settled. Thank you for your quick handling. I made a purchase on January 1, 2018. I liked this work, so I forgot to purchase it and bought it again. I’m sorry for bothering you.

Hey there Cyzer ;) is the paperwork coming through on the new project? So excited for it, can’t wait! Hope everything is coming along nicely and you sell a gazillion templates :) Best..

Hey! It is already in the review queue! If everything good and we didnt leave any mistakes it should appear in mid of the market next week!

There will be 3 music variants and main one very long to show all the scenes. 3 available montage edits included: Company style, corporate style and urban street style.

So its kinda hard to tell the exact track until the previews are not yet approved.

Awesome Cyzer! I’m so excited! Fear not this will be a huge success!

this is amazing

Thank you!! New even more amazing 3D titles coming soon!! Two weeks and it should be available in our portfolio!

great template ! are your new project available for purchase ?

Hello! Not yet. Its coming soon! Real soon!

Do you have Mac sources for these fonts:

Trebuchet MS – Default windows font Georgia – Default windows font 8514oem – Default windows font Arial – Default windows font Bradley Hand ITC – Default windows font Cambria – Default windows font Century – Default windows font Chaparral Pro – Default Adobe font

Hello, all the windows fonts should be substituted with Mac fonts automatically. If it is not substituted with actual font it will be replaced with most similar spacing fonts. I cannot provide any fonts as they are interchangeable and depends on system.

In newest iOS updates there were alot of windows fonts updated.

But even if you dont use actual fonts any proper sized font will look awesome!

Fonts are there just to fill the placeholder and show how it can look. Fonts are never ever included with After Effects files.

Thank you for purchasing! Always contact me if you have any questions.