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Wow! Amazing work!

I think it is great!

Beautiful work!

Wow! You made a great job!

This is crazy good. Is the tagging on the wall at :07 editable?

Hello! Yes that is all editable! Any lettering symbols and signs that you see during project is fully editable.

you are an absolute badass.

Thank you! :D fun fact: my actual name sounds similar! :D by the way if you liked Urban City project follow me because I am going to release a HUGE american style project!

Hello Cyzer ! Can you please tell us when are you going to release this american style project you’re talking about ?

Hello! We are working on it right now. It will be ready in couple of months. Follow us and you will definetly see it :)

Hi reading your comments do you know what American project will include can you give little description:) I will be your buyer for sure:)

Hello! We are very excited about the American Dream project! Follow us on instagram and you will see all the making ofs of greatest projects being built.


American Dream! : https://instagram.com/p/BT1Gz-SlOt0/


AL3XL Purchased

Amazing work, thank you. A few minor notes: (1) PRO Videohive packs have all fonts included, that saves A LOT of time [[instead of downloading all of these] (2) Scene 15 has only 1 placeholder which duplicates itself twice; would have been better to have 2 separate placeholders [as expected]. It all does look absolutely [excitingly] awesome! HK MTR is the best.

Hello, thank you!

Well for the font part – authors are not allowed to include any fonts that is not created by the author himself.

And for the placeholder part – that scene moves a bit fast so the placeholder is shown again to make sure info is shown clearly.

wow!!!! amazing job.. did you fixed the release date of your american style project ?

Hello! Thank you! Most of it is done but we still perfecting the titles to look as real as possible and compatible with all versions of After effects!

will you add placeholders for videos ? i always dreamed to promote my products in stadium billboards (soccer, footbal…). i think it will be awesome if you provide such placeholders in your projects !!

Hello, yes we are planning some video placeholders!

I love the Subway Template and I’ve bought a couple of others from you ;-) Whens the new American Style one going to be released – I could use it yesterday LOL

:)) Its coming! Every day its getting closer! 45scenes out of 60 are finished!

Hi, I bought this yesterday but when installing foirst it said it had to be convereted from Windows 11 64 (i have creastive cloud so latest version of AE and a 64bit OS) which was strange then once loaded it came up with warning showing “your project file is apparently damaged (skipped sections1).

Hi, did the project load despite the warning? Can you edit it? I need a screenshot to investigate your issue.

Windows 11? Sorry did not quite understand that. Can you please contact us through the profile page contact form. And send the screenshot.

Usualy the software warns you that your project is simply being converted to a newer version of After Effects, which is normal. After that warning the project works perfectly. Its just notice for you to know. maybe you meant that the project version is 11, not the windows. Anyway, I think its all good but contact us with a screenshot just in case.

Another issue might be corrupted After Effects at your side. So you can simply trick that problem with simple thing:

instead of double clicking the project, open the After Effects software first and then import the project. This should work.

Awesome work, I’m sure it’s been a long time !! you are well done!

APPALLED BY HOW AWESOME THIS PROJECT IS AND INSTANTLY BOUGHT IT!!!!!!! Sorry for writing like trump but it’s AMAZING bigly! :) Now TIMES SQUARE??? That would fit what I am working on so much!! Once again thanks!

Well, the project is like 4 minutes in duration, there is building theme, people theme, vehicle and street screen/billboard themes. Its huge project.

Really big one and we need to fit it into 3-4GB. There is still 5 scenes to be made out of 60 complete. And then we need to make a nice preview with a simple but cool layout for buyers to understand what this product is.

It features few model releases and building releases so we had to make sure everything is Intact and approved. Also tried to make it look as real as possible and as less like faked stock footage. More of a corporate promotional documentary style.

So I cannot say exact date but everyday we are working on it. Actually I expected it to be released in september but then decided to add more scenes and create more realistic placement with reflections and more editing capabilities. It requires A LOT of masking, tracking and masking again. Frame by frame. Once its released it will be biggest project in our portfolio.

Fair enough :) I know how tasking such projects can be but I believe it will be worth all your effort! Thanks for taking the time to explain.

No problems! Just feeling bad for delaying the project for so long. It always happens like that if people announce the date too early :) but its worth the waiting.

Used this theme for a work project, it was awesome, very easy to work with, files are arranged perfectly. As we all like to put in requests ;-) I would like to add in perhaps 5 or 6 scenes in all of these project where you could show an app / website being used. There were a few natural places to do this in your hand explainer toolkit so it woul be good prehaps to have this in every project which would fit the theme – just someone swiping a screen, showing a tablet, looking at a phone etc. Somewhere where I could place a few seconds of user interaction as most of this scens I use to communicate a new product ./ service. Really really love this though, excellent work and can’t wait for the next one! 5 stars for Cyzer!!!

Thank you very much! Will absolutely note every suggestion and try to include in future projects! Thank you for your great words!

PS. Dont forget to actually rate it in your downloads tab ;)