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Wow! Amazing work!

I think it is great!

Beautiful work!

Wow! You made a great job!

This is crazy good. Is the tagging on the wall at :07 editable?

Hello! Yes that is all editable! Any lettering symbols and signs that you see during project is fully editable.

you are an absolute badass.

Thank you! :D fun fact: my actual name sounds similar! :D by the way if you liked Urban City project follow me because I am going to release a HUGE american style project!

Hello Cyzer ! Can you please tell us when are you going to release this american style project you’re talking about ?

Hello! We are working on it right now. It will be ready in couple of months. Follow us and you will definetly see it :)

Hi reading your comments do you know what American project will include can you give little description:) I will be your buyer for sure:)

Hello! We are very excited about the American Dream project! Follow us on instagram and you will see all the making ofs of greatest projects being built.


American Dream! : https://instagram.com/p/BT1Gz-SlOt0/

Amazing work, thank you. A few minor notes: (1) PRO Videohive packs have all fonts included, that saves A LOT of time [[instead of downloading all of these] (2) Scene 15 has only 1 placeholder which duplicates itself twice; would have been better to have 2 separate placeholders [as expected]. It all does look absolutely [excitingly] awesome! HK MTR is the best.

Hello, thank you!

Well for the font part – authors are not allowed to include any fonts that is not created by the author himself.

And for the placeholder part – that scene moves a bit fast so the placeholder is shown again to make sure info is shown clearly.

wow!!!! amazing job.. did you fixed the release date of your american style project ?

Hello! Thank you! Most of it is done but we still perfecting the titles to look as real as possible and compatible with all versions of After effects!

will you add placeholders for videos ? i always dreamed to promote my products in stadium billboards (soccer, footbal…). i think it will be awesome if you provide such placeholders in your projects !!

Hello, yes we are planning some video placeholders!

I love the Subway Template and I’ve bought a couple of others from you ;-) Whens the new American Style one going to be released – I could use it yesterday LOL

:)) Its coming! Every day its getting closer! 45scenes out of 60 are finished!