Discussion on Uprocking

Discussion on Uprocking

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This is just great! Good luck ! :)

Cool project, well done! :)
Best wishes!

Thank you, Final_Step. :)

This looks so awesome guys, i really like. Wow, just wow

Thank you, ShaieDesigns

It does not work :( I just get a whole bunch of errors, all like “After Effects Warning: Class ‘Effect’ don’t have a method with the name ‘color” Error in line 1 komp: ‘REPLACE TEXT 01” Layer: 2 (‘Searching’)

It would be easier to help you if you send us screenshots of errors? The project was tested on a couple of computers and it should not be a problem, if you delete or composition layers?

How do i change the “full HD resolution” text in scene 2? But thanks for a great product guys!

Go to scene 2 and find the text layer “Full HD resolution” Double click on it and just retype text. Same for every other text.

awesome! thank you, one last thing, trying to change the font colour, nothing i am doing is working? it won’t change colour, any advice?

If you want to individually choose the color of any text, you have to open the Expression of the that text layer (Just pres “U” on keyboard) and unchecked the ”=” This will turn off expression and than color your text with “fill” or something else.

Dear, please is possible in “Uprocking” change image ? I am a beginner. In which program is possibel change ? Thank you and nice day.

Is this fully customizable? I mean can i pick it apart and use certain parts to make a shorter version or longer version?

Yes you can. Please send us short brief on e-mail.

I am getting an error because the project had to be upgraded to 64bit version and the file “Uprocking PRECOMPOSED.aep” says Missing effect, please install the following effect to restore this reference “Optical Flares”.

Also the following layer dependencies are missing: Text layer: font family: ‘FjallaOne’, Font Style ‘Regular’.

Using win8 64bit – purchased in a bundle a month or so ago.

Cheers, Joe

Hi there, please advise how to fix

Dear JosephGourvenec, just ignore informations about misssing effects becouse all optical flares in the projects are prerendered. Therefore, download and instal fonts which you can find in description of the project.

best regards, crew55design

Hello when I open the project in AE, it displays some error messages. In particular, it says that lack certain properties or methods in the class “effect”, including “slider”, “Checkbox”, “color”, “fill”, “auto-scroll – vertical”. Could you help me? How can I fix it? thanks

Please contact us via profile page and provide screenshot of error. Thanx

How can I attach images in the message box from your profile page?

Please send us images to this mail