Discussion on Unwrapping 3D Stickers Labels & Titles

Discussion on Unwrapping 3D Stickers Labels & Titles

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I really love this project file, SINOID. One thing, though – is there any way to change the “backside” of the sticker, so that it is another texture/image/surface rather than a mirrored sticker?

I’ve just bought it, but it seems it doesn’t work with after effects cc and after effects CS5 (many expressions are no active) :,(

Loved your project!! in his video tutorial teaches you how to make this labels? Buying this file, I will be able to create one from scratch?

thank you!

Great work man!!!!! ;)

very cool! x 3

I was so curious how you did the technique (pre-CS6) I had to buy it. It’s very interesting, and I can tell a lot of work went into it.

That being said, even with the lowest settings a high end machine will chug with the technique you used. I can see exactly why you did it that way, there really isn’t any way around it, but it would take a good deal of time and effort to create custom assets beyond the scope of replacing basic elements within your scene files.

Very well designed, well executed project.

krutoten’ka :) sekretom ne podelish’sya?

Awesome job! Looks great!

Dovoljno redko sluchaetsja, kogda zdesj pojavljajutsja proekti i ja ne sovsem ponimaju kak eto sdelano.

Eto kak raz tot sluchaj :) Well Done!

Spasibo :), tam net nichego osobenno hitrogo)

Very and nice design! Great project!

Super rabota, ostalos’ tol’ko dogadat’sa kak ti eto sdelal :D


interesting technique! I’m consider purchasing for self-study!


by the way, all the screenshots are broken links :(

The project doesn’t demand very powerful computer. Temporarily replace quality of display on low and disconnect visibility of some layers – everything has to be good. On different computers there were no problems. You can write in more detail to me on mail and I will try to help:

yup very nice.

I bought this, and I LOVE the design, but I’m struggling a little bit understanding what the bg is.

on the projects I opened, it opens and closes an empty panel behind everything. What is that for? i can obviously figure out how to remove it, but i don’t understand what it is.

and holy moly this thing crushes my computer. I can barely run the project. I need to figure out how to reduce things enough. I went to fast draft, lowered the res to quarter, and it still takes 30 seconds to re-render when I move the play head.

is there another trick to this? maybe a switch i can flip that will kill whatever is killing it? Maybe I’ll see if I can introduce one, because this is a beautiful project jut a bit rough trying to work with it slows down so much


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