Discussion on Unwrapping 3D Stickers Labels & Titles

Discussion on Unwrapping 3D Stickers Labels & Titles

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yup very nice.

I bought this, and I LOVE the design, but I’m struggling a little bit understanding what the bg is.

on the projects I opened, it opens and closes an empty panel behind everything. What is that for? i can obviously figure out how to remove it, but i don’t understand what it is.

and holy moly this thing crushes my computer. I can barely run the project. I need to figure out how to reduce things enough. I went to fast draft, lowered the res to quarter, and it still takes 30 seconds to re-render when I move the play head.

is there another trick to this? maybe a switch i can flip that will kill whatever is killing it? Maybe I’ll see if I can introduce one, because this is a beautiful project jut a bit rough trying to work with it slows down so much

by the way, all the screenshots are broken links :(

The project doesn’t demand very powerful computer. Temporarily replace quality of display on low and disconnect visibility of some layers – everything has to be good. On different computers there were no problems. You can write in more detail to me on mail and I will try to help:

interesting technique! I’m consider purchasing for self-study!


Super rabota, ostalos’ tol’ko dogadat’sa kak ti eto sdelal :D


Very and nice design! Great project!

Dovoljno redko sluchaetsja, kogda zdesj pojavljajutsja proekti i ja ne sovsem ponimaju kak eto sdelano.

Eto kak raz tot sluchaj :) Well Done!

Spasibo :), tam net nichego osobenno hitrogo)

Awesome job! Looks great!

krutoten’ka :) sekretom ne podelish’sya?

I was so curious how you did the technique (pre-CS6) I had to buy it. It’s very interesting, and I can tell a lot of work went into it.

That being said, even with the lowest settings a high end machine will chug with the technique you used. I can see exactly why you did it that way, there really isn’t any way around it, but it would take a good deal of time and effort to create custom assets beyond the scope of replacing basic elements within your scene files.

Very well designed, well executed project.

very cool! x 3

Great work man!!!!! ;)

Loved your project!! in his video tutorial teaches you how to make this labels? Buying this file, I will be able to create one from scratch?

thank you!

I’ve just bought it, but it seems it doesn’t work with after effects cc and after effects CS5 (many expressions are no active) :,(

I really love this project file, SINOID. One thing, though – is there any way to change the “backside” of the sticker, so that it is another texture/image/surface rather than a mirrored sticker?