Discussion on Unreal I Backgrounds and Posters

Discussion on Unreal I Backgrounds and Posters

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What’s new in the Feb. 6 update?

Hi dewwondm. We fixed an installation issue concerning Windows users, which occured after the latest AE release (2023). We also updated the installation instructions accordingly. Besides, we replaced all the reg files in the CSXS folder with a single one, providing an easier installation on Windows machines.

Thank you so much.


Balkim Purchased

I have been using Unreal template since March 2021 without any problem but unfortunately a few days ago I had to format my computer and uploaded 2023 version of AE. Currently I’m not able to upload this extention via the ways on the installation AE pdf. So could you please help meabout this matter? Thanks in advance

Thanks for your quick reply.& I’ll be waiting for your good news :)

Hi Balkim, thank you very much, the update is online. Please try and contact us if you need any assistance.

Just be able to check it. The problem was solved. Thank you so much.

Hi there, followed your instructions to install the extension but I c’ant open the setkeys file in terminal. Don’t know why, I installed the extension already before. So I tried to run the commands, it worked but there is no extension in AE. Im on OS Monterey, AE v23.1 Need help! Any ideas?

Hello! Could you please send email to


Did so!

Hi i follow all the steps its even came now in the extension as well but whenever i click nothing appears

Hi sme10×2020. If your operating system is windows can you please try this : 1. Open CSXS folder 2. Run CC 2020 – CC2021 – CC2022

dspoh Purchased

Hello, I followed al instructions for installation on Mac, and while I do see the plugin and the preview images, I receive an error when I try to bring a background in. It says:

AEP file could not be found in: /Library/Application%20Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/Unreal Backgrounds and Posters Library/material/AE/UNREAL_ABSTRACT_01.aep. Installation may be improper.

I am using Adobe After Effects 2023. Am I doing something wrong? I can confirm the files are in the proper place as listed above.

Thank you.

dspoh Purchased

Hello, just sent over an email. I did not see a way to add an attachment, so please let me know the best email to do so.

dspoh Purchased

Hi, any response here? I really need to get this working.

dspoh Purchased

Thanks for the email — works now! Fantastic product.

세련되고 감각적인 디자인들~ 만족합니다. 다른 템플릿들도 기대 됩니다.


Hi do these backgrounds Loop?

No it doesnt.But every background has 1 minute duration.

Hi there, looking awesome! New to this type of content. If I’m not wrong, i can use this to website backgrounds? So to edit this templates i need AFTER EFFECTS or Premiere Pro?, and how can I use it after for websites backgrounds?

Hi! Yes you can use this for website backgrounds. Both After Effects and Premiere Pro can be used. After you created your background, just export it from whichever program you are using. Hope this works for you.

thx, where I can find tutorial? maybe video?


I am having the same issues as many others. The extension is not showing up. I following the registry instructions with no luck. I’m using the latest version of ae. The original CSXS file was set to 12. Then I implemented your suggestion with no luck. Please advise?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.11] “LogLevel”=”1” “PlayerDebugMode”=”1”

Thank you so much for helping me resolve the problem. Amazing support! I wish the very best success to your team.

Where do I rate 5 stars?

Furkan selam, buradaki yorumlardan baktım ama acılmıyor maalesef hala

Problem solved.

Would it be possible to get an updated tutorial on installation, the CEP file is located in a different place other than where the tutorial provided suggest.

Problem solved.

Hello. I’m using AE 2022 with Macbook Pro. Your extension is not showing up on the AE Extension list. I’ve done all your instructions including “defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.11 PlayerDebugMode 1”(without quotation marks) Would you please tell me how to fix it?

The update is on the way for fixing this problem.You will receive a notification in a couple of hours. Have a good day!

Thank you for your support. I’ll try with the updated ver. have a great day :)

The update is online.

Hi. I purchased this when it first came out. Now after upgrading to Windows 11 and After Effects 2022 the extension won’t show up. I’ve done the registry entry as written above. No luck. Please help. I love this pack.

The update is on the way for fixing this problem.You will receive a notification in a couple of hours. Have a good day!

The update is online.

It’s working! Thank You! It’s so nice to see it back in my extensions.

Hi, did work with the new After Effect 2022 update?

The update is online.

Thank you very much. Have a good time

faileri Author Team

Thanks a lot, you too.

Hello, I have purchased the file today, but I can’t load up the extension window for some reason. I have followed every step and also read some of the posts on this discussion thread, but none of them is working.

I’m using the latest version of After Effects and I am on a beta version for macOS (mac OS Monterey Version 12.0 Beta 21A5522h), but this file works on Premiere Pro. However, I wish to use this on After Effects as I am having problems with the sequence in Premiere Pro. Thanks!

faileri Author Team

Hi bli3w. Could you please try the following, if not already tried?

1) Close After Effects if it is already running.

2) Click the search icon on the top right corner of your screen. A text box will occur, type “terminal” in it and then hit Enter.

3) A Terminal window will be opened. Type the following (without the quotation marks) and then hit enter.

“defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.11 PlayerDebugMode 1”

4) Restart After Effects and try to run the extension

Keep us posted about the results.

Thank you, it works now!

Hi, an incredible project, I appreciate you.

It’s easy to change resolution! I really liked this.

I’m using After Effects 18.4.1 (Build 4) (Final release). I made the necessary changes in the REG file. It works flawlessly.

Good luck in sales!

faileri Author Team

We are happy to hear that. Thank you very much for the feedback.

Is there a reg file for Ae 18.4.1 (Build4)? the extention doesnt start up.. sucks.

When I click the Unreal BGP Library extension in the extensions list in AE, nothing happens, the extension does not start.

The .reg file in the CSXS folder targeting your AE version is not run (you probably run a wrong .reg file). Exit AE, try to run all the .reg files in the CSXS folder (don’t worry, it is completely safe), restart AE and then try running the extension again.

faileri Author Team

Hi, we already proposed you the manual solution which worked for the other AE 2021 users, but you did not inform us about the result. You mean it did not work for your case? Besides, yes we are going to provide an update for this issue, eliminating the necessity for dealing with the problem manually.

Bonjour j’ai acheté le pack aujourd’hui mais il ne fonctionne pas … Quand j’ouvre l’extension les background ne s’affiche pas j’ai essayé d’exécuter tout les .reg mais cela ne fonctionne pas … Si quelqu’un peu m’aider j’en ai vraiment besoin …

Je suis sur IOS Mac book pro, ma version AE est la version 18.41 jai aussi essayais avec la version 17.7

Sorry for the late reply, we are trying to verify if you have purchased the item because it was not showing. Please email us so we can resolve this quickly. Thank you.

Hello bought this in January and successfully installed. Not used for a while. Today the app does not open when I click Extension/Unreal BGP Lib. Have checked the library file is still in the cep/extensions folder. I have rerun CSX files for 2020 and 2019 AE. No change – any ideas?

Running windows 10 latest version and AE2021

Many thanks for getting back to me when you can.


faileri Author Team

Hello, thank you for purchasing. Could you please do the following?

1) Close After Effects if it is already running.

2) Copy one of the .reg files located in the CSXS folder (for instance “CC 2019.reg”) to any place on your Windows PC. Rename it to any name and then open it with any text editor like Notepad or Notepad++

3) Modify the CSXS version number to 11: For instance, from [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.9] to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\CSXS.11]

4) Save and close the .reg file and then double click it to run

5) Restart After Effects and try to run the extension.

Please keep us posted about the result.

Fantastic – worked a treat – thank you very much for the speedie response! Luv this pack, its overdue a revisit, off to rewatch the video tutorial again… KP

faileri Author Team

Thank you for the feedback, enjoy!

Hi,.. installed on macOS 11.5.1 exactly as writen- AfterEffects 18.4.0 (Build41) BGP Lib from extensions list..nothing happens.. same on Windows.. seems like your reg files not working on AE 18.4x versions.. help pls thx

The .reg file in the CSXS folder targeting your AE version is not run (you probably run a wrong .reg file). Exit AE, try to run all the .reg files in the CSXS folder (don’t worry, it is completely safe), restart AE and then try running the extension again. If it does not work please e-mail us.

faileri Author Team

Hello burnpepper,

If this solution does not work, could you please follow the instructions we wrote as a reply to desmanage’s message just below?

Keep us posted, best regards.


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