Universal Store - Product Slideshow

Universal Store - Product Slideshow

Universal Store is a highly customizable product slideshow with centralized control panel and external database file for quick & easy management. It can be used for many purposes, from groceries to real-estates, to promote products, services, or anything that has a price tag.


Watch some slideshow examples to give you an idea what is possible to create with this flexible template.

Kitchen Sale – 45 seconds / fade transition / 5 products

Watch Clearance – 30 seconds / vertical transition / 4 products

Chairs Exhibition – 45 seconds / horizontal transition / 6 products

Outlet Store – 30 seconds / vertical transition / 3 products

Sneakers Store – 60 seconds / swipe transition / 7 products

Grocery Store – 20 seconds / horizontal transition / 3 products


Almost every aspect of this template can be controlled from one centralized location. With more than 70 options, it’s really easy to customize your slideshow.


One of the unique features is the ability to load data from an external database file. It’s very simple & convenient to use. You don’t have to dig around trying to find layers in After Effects to make changes every time you need to update your slideshow. All you have to do is to change inputs in external file and when you open AE the changes will be visible immediately. Great thing is that all elements will resize dynamically based on the content while keeping animations intact. No 3rd party plugins or scripts needed for this to work. Just a standard AE.

But if you still decide that you don’t need this feature, just un-check one checkbox in the Control Panel and it will work just regularly. Yes, that simple! Watch Tutorial


This template requires only basic knowledge of After Effects. Take a look on how to fully customize a “Car Dealer” slideshow without touching any of the layers!

  1. Setting up the data (1:01)
  2. Logo & Images (3:05)
  3. Slideshow Customization (4:00)
  4. Slideshow Export (10:35)


  • Modular Design
  • Slideshow durations from 15 to 210 seconds
  • Transitions (horizontal, vertical, fade & swipe)
  • Up to 30 slides but it can be extended if you need more.
  • Looks beautiful with any content: white, dark, photo or video backgrounds
  • Knobs for manual fine-tuning per each slide
  • No 3rd party plugins needed
  • Universal expressions (should work in any language)



19 April 17 – Version 1.0

- Initial Release


Free fonts used in this template: Ubuntu, Lato, Fira Sans, Fira Sans Condensed.

Images & videos used in the promo videos are not included. Placeholders are included and you can easily replace them with yours. You are buying this template to use it with your products, right?

Audio files are not included and they can be purchased from the following links: Promo Video, Kitchen Sale, Watch Clearance, Chair Exhibition, Outlet Store, Sneakers Store, Grocery Store.

This template uses one feature that is not available in AE versions older than 2014. To overcome this issue, there are 3 additional fallback controls included that you have to take care manually. Nothing major, but needs to be said.

Video tutorial is included in the download.

Free updates & support.

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