Universal 3D Flag

Universal 3D Flag

Universal 3d Flag Maker

3d Flag Maker! Create your flag animation a few clicks! Professional and ultrarealistic flag animation template will help you to make nicely and realistic video of flag animation. You can use some prepeared camera position or set yours!

Universal 3D Flag - 1

It is full customizable 3d flag. You only need to place your flag picture (or text, or logo) and choose one of nine prepared flag location. Or choose all of them locations. The picture of the flag may be any shape and proportions!

Universal 3D Flag - 2 Universal 3D Flag - 3

You can set any shape forms of your flag at few clicks!

Universal 3D Flag - 4 Universal 3D Flag - 5

One click to use your own texture of flag! If you need your own location of the flag – just turn camera such as you need.

Universal 3D Flag - 6 Universal 3D Flag - 7

If you want you can use one of nine prepared location of flag.

Universal 3D Flag - 8 Universal 3D Flag - 9

  • Very customizable Flag
  • Element3d plugin (ver. 1.6)
  • After Effects CS6 and above
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 25 fps
  • Fast rendering
  • 9 prepared locations of the flag
  • 20 sec long
  • Instruction is included
  • Tutorial Links here Specify Location and Control Light and Shadows

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