Unique Transitions

Unique Transitions

A new version is available – Unique Transitions v3.1!

What’s new?
  • Instagram resolution is now ready to use: Square & IGTV
Unique Transitions - 1 Unique transitions pack you are looking for!

Over 450 Final Cut transitions for any type of projects! Make your video visually interesting, modern, beautiful and stylish. Very easy and convenient transitions will make you workflow simple, fast and fun. Unique transitions are perfect choice for slideshows, trailers, openers, promos, music videos, broadcast, movies, documentaries, presentations, weddings, youtube videos etc. This pack is a must have for any video content creators!

Project comes with Color and FX Controls, which helps you to change colors and different effects in a few clicks.


  • 450 Unique Transitions
  • 50 Sound FX
  • Color & FX Controls
  • 100% Final Cut Pro X
  • Up to 4K Resolution
  • Instagram resolution
  • No Plugins Required
  • Compatible with FCPX 10.1.4 and above
  • Video Tutorial
  • Customer Support
  • Free Updates
  • 55 Glitch Transitions
  • 100 Shape Transitions
  • 100 Simple Transitions
  • 100 Split Transitions
  • 95 Transform Transitions
Why you should buy Unique Transitions?

You get:

  • Unique and creative transitions with modern design
  • Sound effects
  • Intuitive controls
  • Great Support
  • Value for money
  • Free updates with more transitions

Unique Transitions - 2


Unique Transitions - 3 Unique Transitions - 4


Unique Transitions - 5 Unique Transitions - 6


Unique Transitions - 7 Unique Transitions - 8 Unique Transitions - 9 Unique Transitions - 10


Unique Transitions - 11 Unique Transitions - 12 Unique Transitions - 13 Unique Transitions - 14


Unique Transitions - 15 Unique Transitions - 16 Unique Transitions - 17

What is included in the project

  • 450 Transitions (5 Categories)
  • 50 Sound Effects (Blade, Whoosh, Glitch)
  • Video Tutorial
  • Readme Text
Color & FX Controls

Each transition has its unique controls for color, effects and adjustments. You can easily modify each transition in a second, even if you’re a total beginner in Final Cut. Video tutorial will guide you through the process and elements of various controls.

Customer Support

Our customers are our top priority! Your feedback is very important and it helps us improve our products. If you have any questions or problems using these transitions, just let us know We answer to all of your messages!


Unique Transitions are compatible with all Final Cut versions beginning with 10.1.4 and higher. So if you use old Mac computers with OS X 10.9+ you are still able to use these transitions, and you don’t have to worry about render time because it’s really fast. (Please look at note description below)


Glitch transitions requires a lot of GPU power using 4K resolution! Minimum Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB graphics card required.

New Transitions

New transitions coming soon! Buy now, get a lot more later!


Used Audio: here

Used Video: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,

Used Photo: here


Update 3.1 (24-04-2019) +Instagram resolution added: Square 1080×1080, IGTV 1080×1920

Update 3.0 (25-03-2019) +50 light leaks transitions (Simple Category) including new theme:

  • Light Leaks
Update 2.0 (11-03-2019) +Added 200 new transitions (+35 glitch, +65 shape, +50 split, + 50 transform) including new themes:
  • Glitch (Bad Signal, Distortion)
  • Split (Diamond, Blocks)
  • Transform (Twirl)
  • Shape (Slideshow, Waves)