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Fantastic work my friend!! Happy sales!! ;)

Thank you!!

Great work! ;) I wish you all the best for your upcoming sales! ++

Thank you!

Hi man Just purchased your 400 unique transitions and I am having an issue with the resolution. I use 1080×1080 resolution for my videos but when I use your transitions I get a black bar on the sides as I think you created the transitions in 1920×1080. Do you know how to fix this maybe manually in apple motion or even in FCPx? Thanks man.

Hello! Thank you for your purchase! Please contact me on I will give you a detailed answer. Thanks

I make transitions. Some are cool. BUT COME ON… thirty bucks for 100’s of transitions. Of course, I’m all over this collection. Good work Bob. BTW: I do have some issues with 4096×2160, whereas 3840×2160 usage is good.

UPDATE: I was able to SELF-FIX using this collection when my 4k video size is 4096×2160 (typical with DJI clips). I simply opened Bob’s transition(s) in Motion, SAVED as a copy with a new name, as in; “in&0ut 4k DJI,” went to the project settings (Cmd J) and changed the project size to: 1920×1012. SAVE… ALL IS FINE.

Hello. Thank you for your purchase! More transitions and new updates coming soon, so stay tuned!

Problem is always the license – get 400 transitions in fcpx and can use it for only one project

Hello. If you have any questions regarding “Unique Transitions”, feel free to ask


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Hey Bob, this last update is awesome! Love those filmstrip and perspective transitions.

So glad you like it!


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Hi…Just purchased. Any video on how to get these into FCP X please? Thanks

Hello! There are 4 tutorials with detailed explanations. If you still have questions please send me a message. Thanks