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maxleb Purchased

Good day! I know that you are working on fixing the CC 2019 issue with Motion Factory which I also have and I did submit a ticket as well.

But it would be greatly appreciated and probably helpful for other users to provide an ETA?

Are we talking about days, weeks, months? Just wishing to know before I decide to roll back to 2018.

Thanks again for your great products.

Thank you :)


maxleb Purchased

Thanks for the update I can now launch the panel window but for some reason it keeps poping up “Restart AE…” and even after closing and restarting AE multiple times I always get the same message and I can’t use the plugin. Any ideas what could cause this?

Sorry to hear about that , please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/ticket so we can help you there.

I’ve got a problem with “dragging” it into AE. Everything works fine in Premiere but i don’t want to use in there. I need it in AE. When i try to drag it, it fails on verification step.. Please help-

Hello there , please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/ticket and share a video with us which shows the steps you took to replicate the issue.

Nobody reply on my email.. :(

Sorry to hear about that , due to technical issue we were not able to reply some tickets in last 48 Hours , we will reply your email in next 24 hours for sure

still i was not able to unlock the most wanted one >> https://i.imgur.com/5jmwfyz.png? please help me?

Sorry ! ,check one of these links please. https://ibb.co/ePC2eq https://screenshot.net/8mlr3h9 i want this activated.please.

Can I use all the files in Premiere CC 2018 by dragging and using it easily?

I have not received a return ticket yet.

You deceived me. I want my money back. I bought the package of 555 TypoKing effects and only came 440.

Hello there , Sorry for late answer , actually the 555 items is for AE package , due to technical restriction some items are not available there on Premiere , but if you want to refund your product please contact us by visiting https://videohive.net/refund_requests/new

Hi, is your item at 50% off now? The thumbnail price shows $29 but when i clicked in, the item is at $59

Hello there , Unfortunately the Cyber Monday event is done but due to number of product to update the pricing change may take a while but i can assure you all products are on their original price now.

hello , i have a youtube channel i want to use your product in my videos . what license should i buy as i am planning on using it on all of my videos . and is there any limit like 1 year or 52 episodes?

Hello there , if you are not going to use this product as commercial usage ( sell it as product ) one regular license will be okay for using on one brand , but if you are going to use it as end-product to be sell you should purchase extended license.

only on my youtube channel . any restrictions ?

So there will be no issue with purchasing regular license.

Hi, is your item still at 50% off now?

Hello there , Unfortunately the Cyber Monday week is over so the pricing are back to original.

C:\Users\”your username”\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Motion Graphics Templates there is no AppData folder how can I do

it is not open i buy it and every time i click on it take to purchase web site

Hello there , sorry to hear about that , please first take a look at https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360005153293-Motion-Factory-Unlock-locked-item-in-Motion-Factory and then contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/ticket

Hello Guys,

I bought the extension but I can install it, all that I’m getting is a typoking.mfg file and I’m not sure how to install it. Can you please advice?


Andres Cruz acruz@bespokereach.com

BTW your ticket system is not working, I have been waiting on getting a reply since dec 1

Hello there , thanks for contacting us , please take a look at https://pixflow.net/products/motion-factory/type-builder/ and https://pixflow.net/products/motion-factory/

Cant get it to work on cc 2019. Followed your earlier steps… nothing, nada!

Hi there, Sorry to hear that. Please let me know the operating system which you’ve used.

Guys when are you releasing the latest upate for AE 2019? :-(