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Hi, I’m korean AE uers. I’m very interested about this plug-in. But I’m wandering that can I use this plug-in with other lauguage? such as korean?

yes typebuilder works in different language, such as korean

Hi There,

I’m really enjoying your product except for just a few things.

i mainly been using After Effects for everything due to the fact that some of the titles look a little weird in Premiere Pro, so my question is,

well in After effects when working to overlap a title over the video via Alpha channel, what is the easiest way to Resize the eniter the entire title?

my quesion goes the same for when it comes to moving the title to a differnt area of the compasition as well.


Hello there

Thanks for your compliment , move the title to the right place.

if you are using after effects you need to work with the typoking comp exactly like a normal layer. press S to open up the scale property of the comp layer and resize it as u wish, then press p button to open the position property of the typoking comp and

if you are using typoking in the premier, u can adjust it by going to essential panel edit menu on top of the panel. by doing that you can see the sliders related to scale, and position property

I have PPRO spring 2018 I loaded typoking nothing showed up in graphics panel I followed your you tube video.

Hello there , actually this product is for AE and not Premeire , you should purchase https://videohive.net/item/typoking-animated-titles-kinetic-typography-text-for-premiere-pro/21822683 if you want to use our package in Premiere

When will the product launch of Glitch Builder be?

Hello there

We are working on this project and we will our user know about the result in Motion Factory notification section panel.

Okay. I’ve installed MotionFactory and now I have no idea what to do.

Can you provide me a link with CLEAR, STEP-By-STEP instruction as to use this?

Please do NOT point me to the Documentation menu at http://pixflow.net/products/motion-factory

Give me a set of instructions I can work with. Preferably a video.

Okay. I think I’ve got it. I had to fish around for the instructions but I found them.

Thanks for letting us know , hope everything goes well there.

I just bought the type builder, and i installed Motion Factory took kits, but i don’t know what to do after install Motion Factory. How to install this [ typoking.mfg ] file into after effect ?

actually im window 10 user

I used the motion graphics 3 weeks ago and now everything is locked except a couple. I bought a 56 dollar kit for 500 motion graphics. Why did it change?

Hello there

if you are using Motion Factory 2.36 you can easily install Typoking package again to unlock those items , more info >> https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000475493-Motion-Factory-Type-Builder-Introduction-Installation

I need help :( When i drag the .mfg file to the panel in AE, it says installation failed.

Hello there , SOrry to hear about that , Please make sure

1 – You are using latest version of Motion Factory ( 2.37 ) >> https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360003430794-Motion-Factory-How-to-Update-the-motion-factory

2 – Please download the package again after Motion Factory update and install it again.

after that if the issue persists please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/help


PSimpso Purchased

How many computers are you able to install this on with one purchase?

Hello there , the license rule is to use one license on one computer for one company for unlimited amount of projects

Hi, I’m korean AE uers. I bought this pack. But I can’t use. I got After Effects Message. ‘Unable to execute script at line 1.Permission denied (is Preferences > General > Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network Enabled?’

so I checked (Preferences > General > Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network) ... but yet I can’t use.

There is lock image in Type Builder. I don’t know that. Help me, please.

Hello there ,

Sorry to hear about that , did you installed mfg file ( located in package you downloaded ) by dragging it in motion factory panel ? please take a look at https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000475493-Motion-Factory-Type-Builder-Introduction-Installation

Thank you! I can use. :)

You’re very welcome :)

can I change the font?

Yes you can ( for AE version and not Premiere version )

So this only works with Premiere 2018? Not compatible with 2017 version?


PxJoe Author Team

Sorry but we only offer compatibility with Premiere 2018.

It would be nice if you made that clear. The listing states compatibility with both Premiere and After Effects; and then in the details it says you don’t need After Effects installed if you have Premiere 2018 – this can be interpreted as saying that if you have an earlier version of Premiere, it will work with Premiere but you need to have After Effects installed.

Also, there are many missing fonts; there are issues with long text being cut off; and many alignment problems. There is also no “X” close out button for the help (?) section.

This is the worst purchase I’ve ever encountered with VideoHive. Is there any way to get a refund. I ended up creating the animations I needed for the project I bought this pack for by hand after wasting a lot of time trying to get your pack to work.

Hello there

Sorry if our answer was not clear , we meant if you want to use as a standalone product ( no AE required ) you need to use 2018 version but if you use 2017 you need to use AE beside Premiere , about the font missing issue please take a look https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000475493-Motion-Factory-Type-Builder-Introduction-Installation “installing font” section , about other issues please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/help so we can help you here.

Not as flexible as it appears. Constantly getting errors – would not recommend

Sorry to hear about that experience , please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/help so we can help you there as soon as possible

I’m using a iMac running 10.13.3 with Premiere Pro CC 2018. I’m unable to load and browse the different folder in the Essential Graphics tool. I’m forced to import each template individually. I’m unable to edit words because it keeps asking to sync fonts even after I have and closed and reopened.


PxJoe Author Team

Hello there

Sorry to hear about that

Did you follow the instruction in https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000475493-Motion-Factory-Type-Builder-Introduction-Installation

please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/help so we can help you there as soon as possible.

i got here from a link saying premiere and AE in one pack. But then i read a reply from you to a comment that this is AE only. Whats what? I work mainly in Premeire, but chaning font is not possible you say, so I have to get AE and Premiere so i can re-save these to a font we have in the profile. Correct?


PxJoe Author Team

Hello there

Sorry if there was a misunderstanding in comments , in this package you can have both AE and Premiere version, for modifying the source file configuration you need to have AE installed and then export those files for Premiere again.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Bought and downloaded – but when I try to follow instructions and download Motion Factory – I get this:

Error establishing a database connection

and have been for the last while – and I’m on a fast turnaround job too, hence the purchase.

Really helpful.


PxJoe Author Team

Sorry to hear about that , please visit http://pixflow.net/help and we will reply to you about the issue as soon as possible , but before that please make sure you are using Motion Factory 2.37 >> https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=update and install the package again.

I purchased the kit for both AE and PP. I followed the instructions, placing the Typoking folder in the prescribed folder and when I open PP there is no Typoking in my Essential Graphics window. I even installed the Pixflow motion graphics app hoping it would help. It did not. Help?


PxJoe Author Team

Hi there, please contact us by visiting http://pixflow.net/help so we can help you there as soon as possible.


schymek Purchased


I bought a package, but there were no folders (motionshape , text massage) I wrote to “support” but I did not get any answer. Please send me missing folders.

Hello there, sorry to hear about that situation, when you download the package and extract the zip file you can find these 3 folders

1 – 01 – Typoking V4 is for Motion Factory which is available on AE 2015.3 and above

2 – 02 – Typoking Essential Graphic which is for Premiere platform, please know that we removed some items from Premiere installation temporarily due to technical issue , they will be back very soon.

when is Motionshapes coming for pr? was looking forward to that!