Discussion on Typography

Discussion on Typography

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A very nice job! :)

Hi there,

It lookss good. Only few queries plz.. – Can i change the main background of the segments easly? and How? - Can i use different elemenst on design? - Can i use different colors from these used ones? I mean my own colors value Thx

Hello, I emailed you a couple days ago about customizing this project for me and have not heard back from you yet. Did you get my email?

Thanks Spencer

I’m having issues with your project. Every time I try to slow down the project the camera starts to glitch. I check the camera key frames and there are none. It just glitches on its own. Is there a good way to change the timing on this project? I didn’t see anything about changing the timing in your tutorial.


Great file. Only complaint is that you deleted the Sure Target Camera layer after making the Baked Camera >:|

oh maybe! Sorry, I’m new at this, I’ll check tomorrow when I get to work.

It is all there! Thanks and sorry for the false alarm

hey there, thank you for this great project. im about to buy this but before i do, i just want to be sure that i will be able to change whole things in this project right ? i mean i can change texts, colours and backgrounds easily right ? thank you..

Yes, you can change easily all of these. :)

thank you for your reply:) one more thing by the way, should i buy the regular license or extended license ? i dont know whats the differences of these..

Hi is possible to modify the logo inside the circle or it’s a customization?


Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;) You can also use my composition with a watermark in your projects. I would be very happy. Thanks for your work and good luck!

Great work and very clean. =) GuitarNation

can i change the logo inside the circle?

Hello, it should work right, no one complained about this until now. Please check the tutorial

thanks! May i know the easiest way to zoom out the camera?

Sorry ive just found the hidden layers now, problem solved!