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Nice work. It will be much better if the phone was 3D and animated.

thanks. but a animated 3d phone is not the concept of this one :)

Nice one Friend !

Hi Alexander,

I just purchased your template. It’s really cool! Nice work. Thank you.

I have a question, though – could you possibly export the project as After Effects CS4 compatible on PC for me? I don’t have a 64-bit system so I can’t run AE5 .5, which means I just bought this and can’t use it!

You can email me at: chris [dot] hammersley [at] iontraining [dotcom].

Thanks so much! Chris

email sent.

thanks man

This is great! The music is also a perfect fit. Do you have a lead as to where I can pick that up as well?


Joe (CreativelyMe)

my first time using after effects. lol but its pretty simple to add the text the problem im having is no background image??

thanks a lot for buying. I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. do you want to remove the texture? Please contact me through my profile page for immediate help. thanks

I cant seem to find the background image that you used in the file…. it’s showing up with the color bars

replied your mail.

This is an awesome video :) that’s why a bought it, but since I’m new to Adobe After Effects and the latest version on PC I ’m having a hard time editing/customizing this project! looks like the instruction video is for MAC users. When I open the project it also says 2 files missing. Can you please help? My email is izetmail [at] gmail.com

thanks for purchasing !! replied to you via the support system. Thanks for your understanding. The issue was caused by the automatic conversion from CS 5 .5 to CS6

Hi, do you have any suggestions for alternative music to use with this without vocals?


hey, you could either ask the author for a non vocal version (before you buy the track) and i’m quite optimistic this could work or maybe check out this one: http://audiojungle.net/item/marketing-advertising-music-101/240408 Not exactly the same but similar mood and style

Hi, I don’t have AE CS 5, can you send me CS4 version? Just to confirm before I buy, can I change the handphone picture to any picture I want? Thank you.

Hi, thanks a lot for your interest in one of my templates! I appreciate it :) as I created this Template in AE CS 5 there is no way for me to send you a CS4 version i’m afraid. You can however download the Demo Version of either CS6 or Adobe CC and it’s going to work just fine with these. The mobile phone picture is replacable, however this is going to take some work and some placeholders might need to be adjusted. Please let me know if you have any further questions ;)