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Sleek ! Great Job !

Great work! Nicely done.

it’s assume

Very good work!!

Spectacular! Really Great Job. Good After Effects construction. This was my first try and i swear it`s so easy to use and the result is really fantastic. Thanks so much for your work. Best regards jan

Hello!, Can I change the size of the magazine easily? An also the colors? Because I love this product. Thanks

Nice project !

Thank you everyone for your support, really glad you like it :D

This one also looks incredible! Excellent work can’t wait to get this!

Fantastic job man, thanks!

Thanks, StereoResonance


Thank you, ColorfulUmbrella

Super slick! Nice job minimalab!

Thanks, CatFaceAudio

Hi there, is the background texture changeable? I would like to use a black stone effect instead of white. Thanks, Natalie

Yes , you can change any background you want. Thanks