Discussion on TypeX - Magical Pack: Title Animation Presets Library

Discussion on TypeX - Magical Pack: Title Animation Presets Library

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Hi, I have recently purchased this product (01st May 2022), but continually receive the ‘ERROR_PURCHASE_CODE’ error message when attempting to install (have followed installation instructions exactly). I have also sent you two message but have yet to receive a response. Could you please reply back to me, so I can resolve this issue as soon as possible, thank you.


ihueb Purchased

HEllo Sir, i have so many error, but i will send you this one first , Error in file “TypeX_v1.5.60.jsxbin” at line 4684(child not found in parent)

Hello, can i Animated custom vector text logo with this?

Definitely needs more fonts. Awesome, though!

Does it support the Arabic language?

Hi, my purchase code is not working.

I can’t change the colors, if I try to change them it restores to the default colors…

Hi I purchased this pack a while ago, I am trying to use it again and the script asks for my purchase code but it says some error occured and it doesn’t let me use it. PLEASE HELP!

DETAILS: undefined

Hi, Looks like you are using an old version of the script. Try to download the latest version. If this does not help, please email me via the form on my profile page.

I cant get my purchase licence registered. Keep entering the correct licence from my ENVATO INVOICE AND THEN IT SAYS error licencing code PLEASE CHECK INTERNET CONNECTION etc etc and I’m connected perfectly well. Tried over and over and restargingb etc etc and still not working? WHAT TO DO NOW?


ERROR_PURCHASE_CODE Can’t parse JSON response! Details: SyntaxError in file “26479” at line 1, message: Expected: }

Hi, Please email me via the form on my profile page.

Um, we need to be able to use other fonts. Where is that ? Thanks

Trial version

Hi there few hours ago I’ve purchased Your product, installed but it works only with one font I needed it for another font please refund me and I will uninstall Your product from my computer, I don’t need that with only one font I have purchased it for one of my projects but it doesn’t work

please refund me ASAP best regards Ilkhom

Hi, I’m sorry, but in the description clearly indicated that you need a third-party plugin and only one font is supported. To request a refund, contact Envato Support.

When using multiple text lines can they be different font sizes? For example, line 1 text font size is 100px and line 2 is 200px? Watched tutes (which are outdated) and didn’t see it covered.It would be nice to use regular font sizes instead of pixels?

fyi: I was able to get it to work by selecting the separate character layers for the line1/line2 characters and scaling and nudging them to space them out equally.

What’s the best way to have different fonts for multi-line text?

Hi. Can we use another script font?

Very bad “z” type

Two quick questions: 1. How do I keep the text from disappearing/dissolving after the first particle pass? 2. Is there a way to write the text without the particle effect?

Hi, 1. Just increase the duration here 2. Select the “Controller” layer and set “Particles Emission” and “Flare Size” to 0

Thank you.

Im getting an “Error Purchase code” after installing the script again? Any help ?

Hello just purchased and installed successfully in AE 2020. I was able to create an animation using the default preset. However, when I try to select others from the list of 12 i get a popup dialog box that says importing preset. It basically hangs and never imports the preset. I had to close AE to get rid of the pop-up box. Is this a known problem. I installed using the doc and enabled suggested preferences.

update: After restarting AE it appears to be working fine now.

Looks like I spoke too soon. The pop-up box is back. It says “Importing preset item…” and it just displays in the window and won’t go away. Any ideas?

Hi, Please email me to

Zdravstvuyte uvazhayemyye razrabotchiki kupil u vas etot produkt ochen’ davno, pri ustanovke produkta, vvozhu klyuch’ produkta i pishet chto ne pravil’nyy klyuch’ v chem mozhet byt’ probelma?? Hello dear developers, I bought this product from you a very long time, when installing the product, I enter the product key and writes that there is a wrong key, what could be the problem ??

Hi, Replied to you by email

How to accelerate the speed of animation ? and why is very low the review of animation, it takes a lot of time just for 2 words (16 Go RAM) ?

Hi, Try to decrease value of “Particles Emission” control on the “Controller” layer. If you will have other questions please email me via form on my profile page.

Where can i get the license ?


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