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Hello I am not an expert in AE. If I render it all seperatly, then how do I get the video all together? do I have to put it all together one video by one in another editing program such as Premiere?

I am very confused. can you please help me? I rendered the things separately, but they are not the same from the video you posted. How do I make them look the same. I dont care the order, but for example I want the beginning of the video where it says Star Show, and I cannot find that composition.

Hello, can you please send me the project of the preview. My email is estherassis1@gmail.com Thanks

OK, I will send.

Hi interested in this project file, however my main concern is the “star particle” can it be customized? i need the Star to be something else. Is that created in particular? or is it pre-render 3D mov?

Hi. To create stars in particular used Textured polygon (looped mov file – little star). Big stars in the project are pre-render mov. You can replace the stars in particular, but the big stars (pre-render) have their own animations.

Hi Shura can you help with this? i need them in 4point stars. Willingly to pay a customization fee. do contact me.

Hi, when i make render, i do not find my videos in Main 1 and 2, plz help me? Thx

Hello. Send me a screenshots, where you should see your video, it would be easier to understand the problem. My e-mail: ckg217@mail.ru

Hello. First off, great package and easy to edit in After Effects.

I can’t seem to find one effect though. In your preview movie around the 13 – 15 second mark the Star Show logo does a cool zoom-in / shockwave effect.

I can’t seem to find this effect anywhere in the package and I need it to finish my intro. Please let me know how to make this effect.

Kind regards!

Hello. Thank you for purchasing. Send me a message on ckg217@mail.ru, I will send you screenshot how to do it.

Very professional, excellent quality. =) GutiarNation

Can you edit the colours of certain elements in the template? For example the orange polka dot background, the text outlines?

Hi. The template does not have a color control layer, but if you know Ater effects, it will not be difficult for you to change the color in the template. The text and outline of the text is edited as a standard font.

hi my name is simon can you help me my mail is simon33345@gmail.com i have some problem what is the main screen that i can see all the template

Hello Simon and thanks for your purchase. If I understood correctly, you need a project, which is used for the preview on the site? I can send it to you. The project is made in AE CS6 with prerender files, the volume will be 4-5 GB.