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I Have purchased the project.. Please send me the project of preview on yojit.bindlish@shopcj.com Regards, Yojit 9867779677


Hi Shura I’m having trouble with this package please can you help? My design partner has trouble on his mac with the project as when he renders it it crashes half way through the render? and Me on a Windows 10 and CSS 2015 says unsupported or damage file unable to import 15 .mov Can you help? Cheers

Hi Shura, we are still having trouble once the project is made when rendering its crashing halfway through my collegue mark has sent you an email with screen shots showing you at the point it crashes? kind regards Andy

HI. I wrote your colleague, that the problem is not in the project, the problem in the picture that you insert into a template.

Hi, we bought this template, but our after effects writes, that the file is damaged or unsupported, what should we do?

Hi. Send me a screenshot, which shows the error AE. Problems with this template will never arise. My email: ckg217@mail.ru

I’m trying to change the title text, how do I do that?

never mind

Hello.Thanks for your purchase! I hope you solved the problem with text yourself. If you have any questions, please write.

Hi, Can you help me to customise this into graduation cap instead of the star for example?

Hi. Unfortunately I can not help, very busy schedule. Excuse me.

I purchased this, how can I get the video used in this project?

Hello and thanks for your purchase. Video used in the preview unfortunately is missing, when reinstalling the system, some of the material, including links to videos for this template have been removed. I’m sorry.