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coocking? Can that typo be fixed in the project?

I’ll do, someday … language difficulties, sorry.

Great work, can the pictures be adjusted easily? Thanks

Thank you!

The level of difficulty depends on your level of After Effects. If you want, you can tell me exactly what you want to do with the pictures and I show you how.

See you soon!

please the name fonts? tnk ;)

You can view witch font I used inside the manual file.

Thanks for buying!

Hi! Bought this, love it – I have a similar question to above…

How can I change the still images? For example, instead of potatoes in the title composition (in the opener composition), I want to use another image (but it has the same effects, etc.)

How can I do this?

I have AE CS 5.5


There are several ways to do it. The easyest way: Open After Effects. At the browser of the project window key in “Potatoe”. Right click on the still and select “Replace footage”. Select your file in you browser. Then, right click again over the replaced still at the project window and select “Reveal in composition”. The composition where the still is used will open. Unlock the “potatoe layer” clicking over the lock icon, resize if it’s necessary. To ajust the back white layer, unlock it and move the vertexs of the mask.

Do the same for each still you want to replace. If you write “stills” at the browser of the project window, all images I’ve used will be revealed.

I hope this is useful.

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Great Job, man!!! really cool!!:)

Amazing output