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Hello, In this package, lower third 1 changes the colors from the “color control” tab. How do I get it back to the original colors? Thanks!

Hi theacelebs, i sent a mail to you.

Thanks, for the reply, but it didn’t really answer my question. I’m wondering why the colors don’t stay consistent through the whole project. In Lower Third 2 & 3 the colors match from what i selected in the color tab, but in lower third 1 it’s a different color. The same is for “new season” and “next,” the colors don’t match with the rest of the project. I just want all the colors to be consistent with my custom colors in my color tab. Please reply. Thanks!

I sent a mail to you theacelebs again.

is it possible to get only one or two of this package ?

I there and thank you for all your work. I’m on OS X El Capitan, with Adobe AfterEffects CS6 in French. I’m unable to change the colors with the Color Changer. It has absolutely no effect. Also, when I load the project, I have an error message saying (in French. I translate the message for you — however the class and terms used in the error message are retranscribed here as they appear :

“After Effects warning: Class’Effect’ has no property or method named ‘Color’ Expression disabled.

Error in line 1. Comp. : ‘_STREAMING_01’ Layer : 13 (‘BACK_SOLID’) Property : ‘Couleur’”

How can I solve this issue ? Thanks a lot ! — Germain

Never mind, issue solved. In fact, the error was due to the fact I use AfterEffects in French, whereas you composed this package with an English version of AfterEffects. Therefore, all of the expressions used in your comps. have to be translated in the local version of AfterEffects.

Extract from AfterEffects help : “If an expression cannot be processed, After Effects displays a message explaining the error and automatically disables the expression. A yellow warning icon appears next to the expression; click the warning icon to view the error message again.

To show expressions that have errors, select one or more layers, right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) a selected layer in the Timeline panel, and choose Reveal Expression Errors from the context menu.

Some expressions rely on the names of layers or properties in your project; if you change the name of a layer or property that is involved in an expression, After Effects attempts to update the expression to use the new name. However, in some complex cases, After Effects is unable to automatically update the expression, in which case the expression may produce an error message, and you must update the expression yourself.

If you are running After Effects in a language other than the one for which an expression was written, or if you have changed the names of items (such as layers, effects, or other property groups), then the expression may not work until you modify the expression to use the new names or the strings that match the language in which you are running After Effects. Because the examples in this document were created for the default state of After Effects running in English, some examples in this document will not work without such modification.

Great stuff.. =) GuitarNation

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hi, what does font link included mean? Font not included?

Hi, font is not included. Font link included in main file. You can free download.


This is an incredible set of templates that have really helped me get the look and features I wanted to add to my content. Thank you for your great work.

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