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any class of instruction?,,, any recommendation?

Hi,rovira Thanks for purchased my file. If you want adjust color or do some changes, you can adjust them in “Composition \ PreComps ” folder “TurningLOGO” Layer. Hope it can help you.


Hi there I would like to check how can I add my Logo on it? I’m NOT an expert in videos so need help here Thanks

Hi,can you send me your email ,I can tell you more detail. Thanks!

Just bought it. What’s your email?

hi, in my profile,roll down and you can send message to me.

I bought this, and it’s being 3 days that I’m trying to load RAM Preview correctly with NO success with my logo and the same Audio you used. I’m really disapointed since I’m wasting my time with this edition and have so other things more important to do that I’m thinking to ask for the reimbursement for this. I installed this Adobe AE and sincerely you must create a tutorial, I surfed 5 hours inside YouTube and other Forums and nothing worked.

Please also include the information that CS6 is NOT recommend to be used on this situation, since it’s NEWER version and it could corrupted all files for your work. For people who are used to work with Adobe like you it’s easier to understand, but for people like me that are NOT used to work with these tools that would be a valuable information.

CS3 and CS4 didn’t work, now trying CS5

I’m now working with CS5 , but the cubes are showing green lines inside Composition and already rendered and they showed up in my video, what’s going on?

hi, can you capture the “green lines” picture and email to me?

After I installed CS6 , CS3, CS4 and CS5 , I reinstalled CS6 , and it worked. Tutorial must be created for this, for sure.

Hi How do I start the process I downloaded but have no idea were to access and start. where do i find render, edit logo etc. thanks

hi,can you give me your email, i can sent you the basic tutorial.