Troubleballs 2

Troubleballs 2

Hello my friends! :) This is the second meeting with funny balls. Funny adventures continue! At this time, these cheerful bouncing balls ready to present your company or your website to your clients. New animation, great atmosphere and fun concept perfectly suited to create a great presentation! And check out the first project with trouble balls ;)

  • New animation and new funny adventures of unique amusing characters
  • Great cheerful atmosphere
  • No plug-ins required (Trapcode Particular v2 is pre-rendered in pre-rendered version)
  • User friendly project`s organization
  • In the scene where are shown social networks icons you can easily replace the existing icons on those that you need. The project includes 42 icons of different social services!
  • 1.55 minutes duration
  • About 60 text places
  • About 13 image/video places
  • Logo place
  • Detailed video tutorial shows you how to customize this template
  • The link to font downloading is included in the project
  • Awesome soundtrack by soundroll is available on
  • Cartoon ending sound by soundroll-music is available on
  • HD version of the preview on Vimeo:

  • The original soundtrack has been edited for this project (watch preview). If you need some help with editing of your purchased track (‘Shining Light’ by soundroll) or if you have any questions – feel free to write me an e-mail
  • Sound effects are not included in the project, but contact me for information about it
  • Rendering information: duration of rendering is about 6 hours on configuration: Intel Core i7-950, 12 Gb RAM , nvidia GeForce GTX260, Windows 7, 64 bit
  • Thanks John Reynolds and Andreas Gaide for interest and participation in the project

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Thank you! Enjoy! :)