Discussion on Tribute - Piano Memories

Discussion on Tribute - Piano Memories

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I’m getting “this project contains a reference to a missing effect: lens blur” :( please help

exciting yet nerve-wrecking :)

Thank you so much johnnybd. The opening looks great now. Will check the remaining scene later. :D

Very happy to hear. ;) if you can please, keep me posted.

Hello, does this project have an update with a higher resolution than 720p? Like at least 1080p Thanks very much

Unfortunately, it is only in 720p and most probably will stay that way.
This item is over 4 years old and the original 3D files are long gone :(
However, the difference is only a few pixels away. :)
Thank you for the interest.

I have this error message: After Effects error: File “replace_me.aif” cannot be opened, it may be in an unsupported format.

Hi and thanks for your purchase!!
That file is just a placeholder for the music file.
It shouldn’t interfere with your project.
You can replace it with any music file you wish

Please can you kindly contact me as I purchased this assuming that resolution was 1920×1080 but it isn’t.

Only envato can issue refunds, you will have to contact them.
Sorry for not meeting your expectations