Discussion on Travel Road Movie

Discussion on Travel Road Movie

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Thanks!!! Appreciate you comment.

Thanks!!! Your job is great.

Like it! Very nice work! :)

Thanks!!!! :)

My file size is 1.7G only, lose so many effect. pls help

Hi, Nothing,my bad. My guys didnt know how to do this,but now is fine. Good work,Thanks!

Ok!! :))) I’m happy that work. Please review you star rating!!! It’s very important for us. Thanks !!!

Thank you for the review * ! :)) If you need some help just send me a message. Success with your project !

Very cool dynamic video! I like the way you picked fonts and music to your video! Very good! GLWS :)

Thank you very much!! :)))))

outstanding, really engaging + you picked a great audio to go with it ..well done :)

Hi, original aep file has green boxes when I open in win 7 ae cs6. I redownloaded from envato; same issue. It looks like non-working ported mac file, not works right in ae win7 pc cs6. I never had this problem w/any other aeps from envato, my ae is fine. Pls update/fix/advise; thanks. This is what it looks like: I’m an AE pro, this seems a mac version ae that isn’t working/ported correctly for win cs ae6. Pls fix. (thanks for your helpful email replies just now, I appreciate it)

Great support – thanks! author promptly troubleshooted aep & fixed it Very quickly so it works correctly – all is good now. I appreciate your fast, helpful professional work ethic to make it right…top-quality author support, muy bueno :) A+++

Thank you very much.:))))

Hey TheRightFoot! I bought this product, but the “” file is corrupted or broken. I’ve downloaded twice and same problem. I need this back quick! Anyway I can get that file another way? Thanks so much

Hi. We send the files in another codec. Much probably a codec problem. Thank You :))


I wish to remove the road lights from the project, but when I delete the footage file, it removes the text as well. Is there any way to get rid of the lights without the text being removed?

Hello! It’s very simple please send a message in my profile page and i send you the instructions by email.


Thanks :))

hai, I already purchase and download this but when I opened it, 1 of your Include footage is missing or not support ( can you provide us the solution? please contact me thanks in advance



Thank you very much… Excellent work and great idea.

Thanks !!!!

Very much appreciated… Cheers!!! :)

Thanks !!! Enjoy

amazing job

Thank you very much! All the best

Thanks!!! enjoy :)