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As always, nicely done!

Very nice! You should do a PSD of each postcard as well as sell those on GraphicRiver! I bet they would sell very well! Great Stuff!

Thanks! I might try that!

I love it!! great design as always :)


FluxVFX!!!This is beyond AWESOME!!! I beg you to do what rpm3dinc suggested and sell the postcard PSDs on graphicriver. I would buy them in a heartbeat! Excellent, excellent work.

thanks for the kind words! I might try out graphicriver, need to power up on my Photoshop skills first :)

great project but my AE CS6 (64bit) keeps crashing upon loading this project. No error message….just loads the project sit there for a second or two and then AE Crashes.

It doesn’t look like you’ve purchased the template?

friend gave me a copy to test with…Im assuming he bought it…dont know…

So Im not sure what the deal is but I went ahead and purchased it for myself to see if he just had a corrupt file but when I downloaded it crashed on me as well….I took a video of whats happening so I can send it to you if you give me contact info

Not sure what the deal was but I went and purchased the project for myself but still have the same crashing problems.

Beautiful template! Though, I’m experiencing the same crashing problems as currysteph. I’m going to look into this more… running CS6. Thanks!

I’m still unable to open the template, but I’m getting a new graphics card so we’ll see if that works. Thanks again!

Hello, I’m still experiencing the same problem. I contacted Adobe Tech Support and they said it’s an issue with the template. Do you have any solutions or know why this template is not opening correctly? I’m using a PC, AE CS6. Thanks!

please send me an email via my profile page so I can try to help you

I’m interested in buying this template. However, I use CS6. May I know what’s causing the crashing of this template? Thanks for any info.

Hi! That’s only for certain people. I’ve had three users with that issue and it almost always has to do with their system set up, not up to date software, etc

Very nice! Good luck man (Y)

This is crashing every time it opens in after effects like other purchasers have said. Do you have a fix for this, I am super bummed right now! Can I get a refund?

Hi dyore, I do have a solution, I’m about to email you right now. If you are still interested in getting a refund I totally understand. You’ll need to contact Envato support to get that going.

Tried it on my mac and my pc and it crashes the minute you open it up!

Dear FluxVFX, we have purchased your template and we cannot open it nor use it it is crashing the software every time we try to open it. Our software is after effects CS6 64bit please send us a correct link urgently so we can use it. my email is senses@roi-me.com or abdelrahman.mustafa@roi-me.com

Hi rouiae, The project is marked for CC only because a few people were having issues in CS6. I changed the required version a few weeks ago until I can get the file fixed. Based on my communication with the users that were having crashing issues it looks like it’s the Intro and Closing Stamp animation that is causing the problem. The rest of the template works fine. If you’d like a CS6 version that has the stamp animation removed please let me know. I apologize for the inconvenience, hopefully I’ll have some time in the next coming weeks to get it fixed up.

Hi, I’ve done a little editing in Premiere before but new to after effects before the last 4 days and playing with this template. It’s really great and exactly what I’ve been looking for, im getting to grips with it but keen to add some videos to the postcards as well as photos. I’ve managed to do this but wondering if you could explain a simple way to extend the time spent on a particular image before transitioning to the next? Essentially I need to hold on to 1 or 2 images longer before they are replaced for the next to give time for my videos to play in full. Struggling to see where the transitions actually take place to extend them out on the timeline.

Any help much appreciated!



Hi Adam, I just replied to your email but wanted to post these links to the tutorials here for all to see- How to use the CompSetter script – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXQJcVgZvWg&feature=youtu.be

Link to script- http://aescripts.com/rd-compsetter/

How to extend the postcard slideshow -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1qBFON-K20&feature=youtu.be

How long does it usually take to render the project file? im experiencing 2 hours 50 min render with a powerful z 640 workstation. Full res settings 1920×1080 export.

Render times could depend on your output settings but 2 hours is not uncommon for a render with 3D cameras, DOF, etc.