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Bought this years back but finally going to use it for a project! It’ll be a perfect fit!

Yay!!! :)

One problem, do you think what the weird circular thing over the LawLers sign is? It looks to be like it’s from the lens dirt layer:

Yes that’s the lens flare, you can animate the opacity so it’s not so bright when the camera is on that scene.

So I bought this originally because I loved the design, but had no idea what I was going to use it for. I finally ended up using it for a big project (#2 trending video on youtube yesterday). Hope you like how we used it:

Well I entered the contest with this video (had no idea there was a monthly contest). Must be cool to see the different ways people use this template :)

So I ended up entering and though we didn’t get the grand prize, we did get a bonus prize (still the same $250 reward). We’ll still take it ;)

Thanks for letting us know about the contest in the first place:


Is it just a map of the United States? I’m looking for something with World Travel. It doesn’t have to be a detailed as the U.S. one, but main city points would be nice. If you don’t have one, do you have a recommendation? Thanks!

You can change the map to a world map if you like, everything is customizable

Im having trouble rendering/exporting my final project. I changed the pictures and text and when its time to see the final video when its done rendering the only thing that shows up is the usa map (without the pictures and no text ) with just the red line. I’ve tried to restart the project already for 6 times and nothing has been working and its getting a bit frustrated, and yes i did see the tutorials. It only worked once for me and from there I can’t seem to use it again or edit the version that did work. Hope to see a reply soon, need some help or a refund please and thank you.

It sounds like the problem is using the .aep file without extracting it from a zip so After Effects is disconnecting the file paths to the images when rendering. Try moving all files to another folder or drive on your computer then saving the file.

cool map photo gallery

Is there a way to nest/link the camera to the frame so that when i drag on the master map controls it automatically updates the camera position?

There is a method for setting that up in AE but the project would need to be entirely rebuilt

Bummer, thanks though!

Light, fresh and happy mood!!! Very cool!!!