Discussion on Transitions Library for DaVinci Resolve

Discussion on Transitions Library for DaVinci Resolve

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titlrs don’t work for me on mac please help i saw the video but notjing

Hi! Please contact us via contact form

It’s on the Fusion Transitions list, but it doesn’t work. 18.1.3

Hello! Just tested now – works correctly. Please contact us via contact form and we will help you

i recently purchased this item and followed all the steps mentioned in the vedio stilli am not able to see items working for me and i am using davinch rersolve 18 latest version and all the file extensions are .mov where as i see your videos with file externsions as .settings . need help in fixing this

Answered on email.

Hi, I wanted to know if and how it is possible to change the color of the rectangular boxes of animated titles. Thank you

Answered on email

Do I need the extended license for commercial work?

Mostly – not. Only if you make your commercial work for paid content (netflix for example)

I see, Thanks!

Hello i am very interested to purchase but the free demo link does not work. I also see comments of people who have some issues. Can you send me a link that works for the demo and let me know if everything works with resolve 18 now ? Thanx

Hi! thanx for the quick answer. Nevertheless, glitch transitions don’t work in Resolve 18, it makes only color artefacts. Any solution ?

Just tested it now. It works fine in Resolve 18 free version and studio version. If you have any issues please contact us via contact form and we will help you.

Hi Nitrozme ! I’ve been using your pack for some time now (thank you again!) but I’ve just noticed that some titles don’t work anymore. I’ve taken the font as advised in the documentations, and if it worked for most of them, some don’t (1.Nitrozme Title 01/02/03/04/18/26/34/35/36/37/38 ; 2.Nitrozme Infographics 01 ; 3.Nitrozme Call Out 07/08) Do you know what the problem may be ? Thank you

Hi sir! Please contact us via contact form and we will help with it asap

With this transition plug-in, do I have to add a few frames before and after my clips for the stick?


Bonjour j’ai acheté récemment ce pack, sauf qu’il ne répond pas à mes demandes, les transitions ne se mettent pas entre 2 vidéos c’est soit tout au début de la timeline soit tout à la fin. Je ne peux pas voir ni utiliser les titles pourtant ils sont bien présents dans mes titres DVR .Je suis DVR 18. J’espère que vous pourrez m’aider.

Hi! Please contact us via contact form at

Bonjour j’ai envoyé un message à l’auteur mais aucune réponse de sa part. Et mon problème n’est toujours pas réglé. Les titres ne fonctionnent pas. Je vous remerie.

Hello! Answered you on email

Hello Nitrozme,

The free demo link is broken, it just says

“Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the file exists.”

yaun Purchased

Update for DaVinci Resolve 18?!

Hi, will there be an update to DaVinci Resolve 18?
Currently, DVR Public Beta 18.4 is already released.

Hello. Our transitions should be working in Resolve 18, but we cant assure 100% stability since it’s still in the Beta. Once Resolve 18 is fully released we will update the package and will guarantee its stability.

yaun Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply. I’m looking forward to the update after DVR version 18 has left beta status.

Yes of course, when DVR 18 will left beta status we will prepare update in few days

Already purchased and love using this product!! What is the glitch transition name with the cassette tape/black apple?

Hi there. Which transition you mean exactly?

On your main page here on this website, there are 6 images/examples of glitches. It’s the bottom left one with a picture of the cassette tape/black apple.

This is one of glitch assets

I meant to buy the Punch Hole Transitions for premiere pro and it made me buy davinci resolve transitions. Can you help me please.

Hi there. Please contact us via contact form

Hello Nitrozme,

Free demo link is broken, please can you update?

Thank you – try it once more pls. should be fixd

Confirmed thank you – testing on this project before purchase.


Hi, Downloaded and cant add the titles ,or trasitions. Please help.

Hi. Answered you on email

Can you make adjustments to the call-out line and text positions in Fusion? I don’t see how to do that.

Hi. Please contact us via contact form here and let us know the exact title or call out you want to adjust. Thank you!

Não estou conseguindo realizar o pagamento

Só esta aparecendo 2 opções de pagamento pra mim. e não estou conseguindo adcionar meu cartão para realizar o pagamento

I am as an author can’t provide you technical help with your payment. Please contact envato help team here and they will solve it asap. Just press SUBMIT REQUEST at the bottom of page.

struggling with installation of the Nitrozme Transitions into the power bins, what exactly am I supposed to be installing?

Your video makes it so hard to follow because you have everything already installed!

Hello! Please contact us via contact form here and we will help you. Thanks!

Hi need some help! everything works fine but ‘Title’ dosen’t(Some Title like infograpic work but others dosen’t~~

Hello! Please contact us via contact form here and we will help you. Thanks!

Hello, Can we use these on multiple projects or just one project?

Of course I you can use in multiple


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