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Excellent work buddy!!!! Very nice!!! ;)

One word, POP ! congratulations, great project

Oh, man, i just can’t stop watching all your works, they are very very awesome!

Wow! Thank you watchme!

Instead of stills can it be video?

I’m speechless!! motion design at it’s best :)

thank you my friend!

hey mate! Wow, what an awesome, uplifting, energizing clip you got here! Question: what’s the exact duration of the project? And is it possible to have it end earlier (say, 10 or 20 seconds)? Sorry, I haven’t used Motion yet so I don’t know if it’s possible to shorten a project by deleting frames etc!


Hi, thank you! Well, this composition came with scenes, you can skip some scenes if you want but I recomend render all the project and then edit the video

silly me! Hadn’t thought of that option! Thanks!

Hello i just bought the video does the audio come with as well??

Hi, no, just the project, see the link in the description for the audio

Idea and implementation are at professional level. Congrats. :)

I have Apple Motion 5.2 and it said it can not open in mine? any reason?

Good evening! I would be buying the introduction to put on my YouTube channel . It’s my first purchase, you could inform me as copyrights to put me on YouTube. I want to buy the video and music copyrighted in order to put on Youtube. If you can answer me e- mail: or Thank you!

Woooow!!!!! So cool!! :)

Hi, can this project be edited in After Effects?

hi, this is for apple motion!

Hi. Can the colors be customized?

Hi. I can edit this template with Final Cut Pro X vers. 10.3.4? Thank you.

How I can open in AE?

Sweet template!!!! Pre-purchase question….

To use this for an opener for a YouTube channel related to women’s perfume reviews….

(1) Can I replace the pattern backgrounds with my own? (perfume bottle patterns, hearts, lips, high heel shoes, etc)

(2) Would this be a lot of work for me, or is it pretty simple? (such as importing PNG images)