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Is there a double-tap gesture included?

Hi Alex!

Thanks for purchasing Touch Gestures. I’m really sorry to say but the pack doesn’t come with a double-tap. I have done quite a few custom gestures for people and I looked through every one to try and find one for you, but I haven’t had anyone request that yet. My suggestion would be to see if you can time-remap the one finger gesture.

If you need help with that please message me! Thanks again.


Even in Render Queue you left all ready to Render. The only thing is in the output module configuration AUDIO was off. So when I change audio to on, the output file change from mp4 to avi. So, plz, could you tell me what’s the configuration of your “720 h264” module in order to render in mp4 and add it sound?

Thank you and congratulation.

Thank you Josete, I’m glad you like it!

In order to use the exact export settings I had, you have to be able to export .h264 formats directly from AE. I am assuming you are using AE CC, which no longer supports .h264 output directly from AE.

It does, however, still give you the ability to turn on the old export settings by going to Preferences > Output… > and check the box for “Show Deprecated Formats In Output Module Settings”.

This will allow you to use the exact settings I used, as well as see what the settings I used for my “720 h264”. From there you will be able to turn on the audio and it will stay a .mp4 format.

It’s worth noting that Adobe now wants you to do your encoding from Adobe Media Encoder, and not directly from AE. You can read more about that if you would like to know more here: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1246439

If there is anything else I can help with please don’t hesitate to ask!

You were absolutely right! It worked perfectly! Thanks for the trick! Could you help me in one more thing? Your project is predefined to 29.98 fps (NTSC) but in my country the standard is 25 fps (PAL). I have adapted your fingers_ composition to my needs so the composition to render is still in 29.98 fps. How could I export it to 25 fps with 720 h264 quality?

Sure, you can do it one of two ways. The fastest is once your project is in the render queue, click the “Render Settings” text, it is on “Best Settings” by default. From there you can change the output frame rate to 25fps.

The other way of doing it, and possibly better if you need to time things more specifically, is to create a new comp and in the new comp settings set it it 25fps, then you can drag the main comp that was 29.97fps into that and it will adjust it as well.

Again, if you have any more questions please let me know!

Hi! Can I use that with windows movie maker? I can’t import the videos…

Hello, yes you can use the Touch Gestures in Windows Movie Maker, but you won’t have the pre-keyframed ability that you would have in After Effects.

The gestures come with an alpha channel, so all you would have to do is place the gestures on top of your footage and your background will show up behind it!

When doing render its gives error or ” The Directory orignally specified in the output Module no longer exists.

and doesn’t proceed further. Can you help?

Hello, try deleting all the projects in the render queue, then resending your comp to the render queue again. That should reset any old output locations that are giving you the error.

If that doesn’t work contact me at kovar.thomas@gmail.com and we’ll try a few more options out!

Hi, I really like your project! If you wanna see, how I used your elements, please click here – https://vimeo.com/97042730. Thanks!

Looks great Anca, thank you for sharing!

I would purchase definitely if it included a double tap :(

Hello, I apologize about not having a double tap, I agree that it would be a usefull gesture. I know some people have said they time-remapped the 1 finger gesture to create a double tap, but obviously that is not ideal. I’ll definitely keep your suggetion in mind for future versions.

Great thanks, won’t be in time for my current project, but maybe the next one! :)

I see this has been asked before, was looking for a double tap – for the life of me can’t understand why you would not include this – its a very basic and popular gesture. amending the single tap is a rough fix for this but not good enough to make a purchase. do you have plans on adding this in an update ?, it seems clear there is a demand for it from the comments ?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback, on the next update I will definitely keep this in mind. I don’t have a specific date I can give for the project update release, but I can confirm that this will be in the next version of the project.

At this point, I am shooting for spring of 2015 for the update.

Thanks Mark!

Amazing work! Excellent work!

Thank you!

Beautiful work!

Thank you!

Hi, is there are kind of multi-user-license? We would like like to use your great template perhaps for several projects. Is it necessary to buy the whole kit for every end product again?

Hello, for Touch Gestures 4K you would need to purchase a new license for each end product. Only one type of license on Videohive allows multi-use (the ‘Tools’ license), but that is reserved for add-ons and plugins. With that exception, all other AE templates require a new license for every new end product.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.