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Very nice work!!

Looks awesome!

Great Typography design, congrats!

Thanks Tobi! :)

Great work, bravo!


Fantastic work my friend!!! ;)

Excellent Project! :-)

Hello! good sales and mood for all 200%!

how to change the font

Hi, thank you for your message. If you are using After Effects you can easily pick any font from the Character Panel. This is show in the Help video provided with the project. If you are using Premier Pro, right now Premier Pro only support adding and removing text, and does not yet support font change in Motion Graphics templates. This is a feature that we are hoping Adobe will add in the future.

Hey there! Is it possible to get the after effects template of your preview Video? I mean with the gradient grafics included or do we have to search them seperatly?

Hi, the project by default comes with the same gradients, and graphics shown in the promotional material, since these same scenes where used to construct the promotional video, so you will have all the material you need directly in the project. If you require specifically the Preview video project file, you can let us know after you make the purchase and we will send it to you directly.

Impressive item very very well put together :) good luck with sales

Thank you. Glad you like it :)

Very nice work!

Thanks :)

How do you install this if you’re on a Mac?


Mac installation is very similar to Windows installation. You just need to paste the folder in this path instead:

~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Essential Graphics

Of course you can also install it directly through premiere pro as shown in the help video included with the kit.

Demo Video Template is included or not?

and How can I make The Boxes corner rounded?

As for that kind of modification, you would need some experience in After Effects, as it is not a direct feature of the template. So you will need to modify a few layers in-order to make it rounder. If you are new to After Effects, it would be ideal to leave it as it is to make sure that everything runs smoothly.