Title Pack | Story Mod

Title Pack | Story Mod

This pack contains:

  • 12 STYLES
  • LOVE


This story contain ~90 word a duration of 1:20. It is recommended to insert the text from the upper register (so it looks better).

How does this work:
1. You past your text in comp “Past your text”;
2. You go to the folder “Fixes”. There will be a composition in which it is written as you need to correct the text to be beautiful (8 comp with change scale and position of block and 2 comp with change color).

You can help:

  • Video tutorial
  • Intuitive interface (for exmpl: you see two different block sizes. What need to do? Yes. Align it (via scale));
  • Text notes (text notes, in which it is written that it is necessary to move the block to the center);
  • Screenshots with the correct result.


37 block with text contain:

  • One text layer into which you insert your own text;
  • Block with text;
  • “SPACE” (you may see in preview black rectangle);
  • Two lines (under and over a block).

How does this work:
1. You choose the appropriate block;
2. Open Main comp (for exmpl: “4.5 – MAIN”);
3. Past your text into text layer (is left);
4. Click on “Controller” layer on timeline and choose animation (checkbox) “From” and “To” (for exmpl: From left (3D); To below).
5. (optional) you may change color of Text, Space, Lines, Highlight.


You have 12 comp with different styles. It works not only text, but also with shapes and PNG pictures.
What you can do:

  • Change color
  • Change direction
  • Exclusive change for each style

How does this work:
1. You open folder “Styles”;
2. Open “PLACEHOLDER FOR STYLES” and past your text or/and shapes;
3. Open the appropriate style;
4. Smile.


What is “Module”? Modules (in this project) – it’s comp that contain animation Null Objects, to which you bind your object.

How does this work:
1. You open one of Module comp;
2. Connect your object with Null Object via Pick Whip;
3. End.


This 8 ribbons  :)
You may change size, color and position of the edge of the tape. (Only checkbox. Only hardcore).

From prieview:

Font: Bebas Neue(included); DinPro; Times New Roman.
Sound: first , second


Everything you see here was done with love for you. We have tried to simplify everything to the last detail and facilitate your work. All you need – it’s just a click on the checkbox. The “Story” we have done a great job, calculated the set of formulas, all actions have reduced to a simple change of scale and position of the camera. We did the “Story” so that it is suited to your text. So you could end it at any time if you do not have a lot of words, and additional layers, if you have a little more words. We have created a user-friendly interface in which you will understand that now we need to do. All this was done with love. If you like my projec – please rate him. This would let me know if you want improvements


Can I duplicate the text block a few times?
Yes. You need delete all folders except those that you want duplicate, rename comp (add to name “2”), save and import this project file into original project.

Can I add “Story” comp in one of styles comp?
Yes. Why not?  :)

I’m always right?
My customers are always right  :)

Can I using pictures instead word?
Yep. Past your image into one of word and change slider.

I’m using AE CC 2012 or below
Unfortunately, this version does not support a one great feature, but we found a solution. You will simply need to move the slider

I may use any font?
Of course. You may past text block instead words, and will be like in the Inception movie  :)

Can I resize to 4k resolution?
Sorry  :( BUUUUUUT YOU MAY RESIZE TO 16K (yes, you may  :) )

Can I use text block with modules?
Yes! Did it! I believe in you!

Can I change font in “story”?