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Just nice, very useful project :)

Without the sound effects it is completely useless. I bought the bundle trusting the description (2 projects file included : The bundle project (with all stuffs). I expected at least the names and parts of the sound effects would be included, also the videohive preview project. They were not included, and I’m here with nothing to work with. 1 star.

Thanks for the file. And the plugin is missing, After Effects says missing plugin: Glitch_it. There is no plugin file and After Effects and none of the parts where Glitch_it is used works.

Do you really have watched the tutorial ? This message doesn’t matter, the custom preset will work fine, it’s normal…

Please make this tools license, as you did with your text effects! :)

There is some motion graphics already rendered in this one, so it’s no a good idea..

I wish to make my own Glitch compositions. Is there an easy way to drop the glitch it pluging-precomp and the controller into a new composition with a new name? I use many different precomps and want to apply this effect to many different comps without dragging them all into the Glitch_Custom_plugin comp.

Hi. Huummm. The first way I see here for now is to import the “Glitch_Custom_Preset_Only[CS4]” file into your project as many times you need (not duplicate, you have to import each time). And like that you have many differents Glitch master comp. Please send me an email on my profil page if you need help.

I figured out that if your use the TRUE COMP DUPLICATOR, it will adjust all the comps and assets including the expressions. Pass this on if anyone else has any questions about it. Thanks

Yes I know it but I’ve never tried. I’ll

works like a charm.

Great work on this project! Does it come with the image that you are using as the cover? Where it says “The Ultimate Glitch Bundle”. I am going to purchase it, but that would be a huge plus!

The cover was made with a mix of the differents test patterns includes.

Will this work for After Effects CC?

Yes it is

Hey! Great Bundle!

Please can you also send me the project promo file for the video sample you put here on videohive!

Greets :)

Does This Wor In Vegas?

You can use some effets pre-render clips into vegas but you’ll loose some fx…

Hi, where is the sound from? The link you have on the page is to just the makers sound page. Not the actual sound pack. Can you give me a direct link to the sound package so i can Buy it please. Thanks

Please check the differents “Radio Imaging FX Packs” from the Miskaudio author.

When I open the “Glitch_Custom_Preset_Only[CS4].aep” file, the comp says “Missing: Glitch_It”. And I cannot find anything named “Glitch_It” anywhere in the downloaded zip file. Where is it? (And yes, I watched the tutorials first)

Doesn’t matter. Please don’t care about this message, this is normal because this is not a real plugin and AE can’t find anything on your disk but the custom preset still work like that, don’t worry.

whats the font you use in the preview?


Hello there, incredible tool but after render and upload on youtube the footage looks all pixalated as if it were really low resolution. removed the layers and the footage looks great.

Probably some configuration i did it wrong, but after whatch all your videos and somo other more i can not find the solution.

Would you help me out? my email is!

Thank you

Please send me an email through my profil page

Hey! how can i apply the data mosh effect?

You can use the Glitch_it pseudo plugin included.

The plugin doesnt seem to work. do you have any idea why?

The plugin works well, please send me more informations into an email please

where do i find the plug in? its not in the folder I’ve downloaded?!

Like I said into the item description it’s a pseudo plugin (“a custom controller for create your own glitch fx”). You can find the controller into the .zip you have download under the name “Glitch_Custom_Preset_Only[CS4].aep”.

You can import this .aep file into any other project to apply the fx on your own project.

i would really like the promo project file that was shown when i purchased this… dissapointed that i didnt get that file.

Please send me a message through my profil page and let me know which version who need.

Hey Mate, firstly, thanks for creating an incredible package!

I’m having a bit of trouble rendering out though. Every time I put one of the ‘Short FX’ over my comp and hit render I get an error like this one.

I’m working in 1920×1080 at 29.97fps

Any ideas on ways to fix this?

Hey, I can’t repeat your issue. Can you send me a message through my profile page and like that we will be able to send project files.

Will this work for CC?

Yep, I just tested it and all works fine.

I can’t find the transition comps that you have in the gallery, where do I find those?