The Story of Us - Wedding Invitation

The Story of Us - Wedding Invitation

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“The Story of Us – Wedding Invitation” has a NEW SPRING 2016 UPDATE! Following customers request “Timeline scene” has been revised and can now have up to 30 set of pictures (30 each for bride and groom). Also Life moment scene has been updated with a new modular animation to showcase your photos, check preview for more details.

The template is the perfect way to invite your relatives and friends in original style. The template can be used as a wedding invitation and save the date announcement. Really easy to use just place your photo/ video, replace the text and render it. Be creative and send your video invitation by email, you tube or upload it on Facebook!


  • Template compatible with After Effects CS5 or Higher
  • 3 versions of the project: short version (total of 28 photo placeholder), medium version like in the preview above (38 photos) long version (54 photo)
  • All texts in the video have their own placeholder so you can convert the project in any language
  • 3 options to choose inside the “First Date” scene: romantic dinner, coffee shop, theatre
  • 4 texture options to choose for the paper background
  • “Their World” scene: 26 icons to choose or insert your own designed icons (up to 10) . “Since we met scene” also allows to insert your own designed icons.
  • Full HD Resolution 1920×1080, 25 fps
  • No plug-ins needed (pre-rendered Optical Flare)
  • Help File and Video Tutorial Included. Video tutorial covers the following topics: Edit texts, Edit texture, insert pictures, change the 2 main colours, Import music, delete unwanted scene, retiming the project, Design your own icons in Photoshop, Insert your own icons in After Effects, Render the project. Please check VideoTutorial Here.
  • For extra tutorial on this template check the support page Here
  • Links to the free fonts included in the help file

Update April 2016
  • “Timeline scene” insert up to 30 set of pictures (30 photos each for bride and groom).
  • “Life moment scene” has a new modular animation to insert up to 21 photos. Video tutorial shows how to duplicate this scene so you can even add more pictures.
  • Updated video tutorial

  • Update November 2015
  • Insert your own designed icons in Scene “Their World” and scene “Since they Met”.

  • Update February 2015
    • Life moment scene now is in 2 versions: with 7 photo placeholders and with 21 photo placeholders
    • Two new scenes: Their World and Menu of Personality
    • Paper background choose between 4 textures
    Update June 2014
    • timeline scene now is in 2 versions: with 14 photo-text placeholders and with 30 photo-text placeholders (15 for the bride and 15 for the groom)
    • 2 new scenes added: They live in… and Life moment (with 7 photo placeholders)
    • Updated video Tutorial
    Music is NOT included. Please note the music track has been edited to fit the length of the project, the original track is only 1:30 long. You can purchase this awesome track “Happiness” on audio jungle Here

    Photos are Not Included. Link to the pictures: A new born baby, baby girl, Baby’s First Birthday, First birthday, baby plays at park child, teenager teenager2, teenage girl with backpack and books, Portrait Of Teenage Boy, Young man Young woman Happy Young Couple

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