The Storm (Clouds & Lightning Thunderstorm Mega Pack)

The Storm (Clouds & Lightning Thunderstorm Mega Pack)

• Every clip is in green screen, just add key light and you have RGB+ Alpha channel
• These are only some of the examples of the package
Use in a single end-product, free or commercial. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.
• 3 main maps of 130 clips:
- Clouds with 60 clips on 60 FPS, 15-sec long each.
- Lightning with 55 clips on 60 FPS, 3-sec long each.
- 15 Multiple Clouds & Lightning on 60 FPS, 15-sec long each.

• Each clip is different in term of animation, lightning and coloring.

• Every clip is uniquely designed and animated in 4k resolution, but due to huge file size they have been rendered in Full HD resolution.

• The Storm Mega Pack has been designed in green-screen Alpha + RGB or PNG ready to be used as Drag & Drop.

• No plugin needed, key-light is free effect within after effects that must be applied in order to make the clips RGB+ Alpha.

• An example of all the clips can be viewed in the preview video.

• Sound effects included (More than 4 different sound effects have been uniquely recorded.

• Music is not included, audio track in Video Preview, is made by Adrenaline-Pro at: MUSIC LINK


• The package includes 1.65 GB of 130 different clips.

• Green Screen Design.

• Alpha + RGB or PNG.

• Ready to be used, drag & drop.

• Sounds FX are included.

• Design for add & Blending Modes

• The clips are compatible with all editing software’s.

• The package holds 3 main maps:

- Clouds with 60 clips

- Lightning with 55 clips

- Multiple Clouds & Lightning 15 clips

• Every clip has its own unique animation & coloring

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