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Cool work! I hope you will sell a lot of it!

Cool template dude.. Congrats :)

Good item i like the smoothnes of this one it gives me chills while watching this somehow ;) good work have a good luck ! :)

;) hehe many thanks.

Excellent work man, very clean project!


Very nice work. Well done.

Great Work my friend i like the bouncing of the text placeholders

;) Thanks.

Sexy and stylish.

Thanks, great song Diesel_J.

Clean and Stylish! :) Good luck!


The font and text boxes look great! Nice work :)

Thanks ;)

Super breazy. Looks spectacular!

:) Thanks

I am thinking of buying this, it looks really clean & elegant. good job.

I have only single presale question. Can I change duration of holders ? Because i want to place videos into holders so they have to be displayed more than default template.

Hi, sorry for the delay. Yes you can, but as it has a camera you will have to move the key frames on the camera to make for the extra time.