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Does it come with the sound?

Sorry, but the sound is not included. But you can get it from audiojungle

What do you type in audiojungle to find it? I NEED the audio ASAP ! Can you help me out?

Inside the zip folder is the Read Me file. The info will be in there

Ok, No info on soundtrack????? where is it?

I looked for soundtrack info on zip folder??? and audio jungle—-no cigar

How do you add more edit text comps? You have them all linked to edit text main and when I duplicate say edit text 4 and rename that to edit text 5 in the timeline and follow the comps to the edit text and change it, it changes edit text 4 as well. I need to extend the slides to 8 instead of 4. Please and thank you!

Those are ridiculous prices for after effects editing….

I hope that by “ridiculous” you mean cheap =)

Very nice work. It’s extremely easy to use and manipulate.

However, when I open the original file, it says:

“This project contains 43 references to missing effects. Please install the followng effects to restore these references. (“CC Particle World,” CC Drizzle:, “CC Pixel Polly”.

As a result, the file doesn’t produce the special effect explosions that happen to the text beginning about half way through the video.

In your description you say no plugins required.

What am I missing or how can I get the file to work as you show in the preview?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi BillHanekamp.

Thanks for the nice comment :)

The CC plug ins are standard ones that are built into After Effects. If you have the full version then just try to reinstall it.

Perhaps you have a try out version. Some of them are missing CC plug ins.

Thank you for your quick reply. That’s exactly what it is.

So to anyone reading this, the AE file works great. Exactly as promoted. And it’s extremely easy to manipulate and well labeled.

Just don’t use the trial version of AE. :)

How do you add the audio track? I purchased “The Inner Struggle”. Thanks!


You need to firstly import it into the project file. Once in there just drag it onto the timeline of the final comp. Listen through it so that everything is synched properly


Is it possible to change the colour of the text?

Yes it is :)


I think one of the stock footages has a problem. It is the “LensFlare” file in the Pre-Rendered folder.

I noticed that the footage ‘shakes’ a bit before the 1 second mark.

I came across this problem when I first rendered the contents of the template. I found that the rendered video had the “shaky problem”, and it was repeated every 12 seconds (which is the length of the lensFlare file).

I rendered multiple times but the problem continued. I also played the .mov file in multiple video players – the result was the same.

This particular footage is obviously an important part of the final rendered video, and the repeated distortions look quite awkward.

So I request you to look into the matter and, if possible, replace the “LensFlare” footage.

Looking forward to your reply.

I am a student and I don’t have my own credit card. My dad created an account for himself and bought it for me. I created my own account to get the members only privileges and posting queries/ comments.

Sorry for the late reply. You simply need to disable the wiggle on camera in the main comp.

Is it possible not to use just capital letter?

Of course :)

Can the background color be changed from black to a brighter color. If so, how?

I want to know BEFORE I make the purchase and give it to my editor.

Thank you, StarrMaker

Changing the color simply involves adding a “Fill” effect to the Background layer. Simple as that :)

Awesome work! I love it :)

Which font was used here and where to find it?

I need help because I am currently using AE CC 2015 and i’m getting an error message saying that cannot be imported because it is damaged or unsupported. what can i do? please help i am using windows 10

Hi, you need to instal QuickTime player on your PC and should be fine then