The Rake Media Pack

The Rake Media Pack

WARNING: This item requires After Effects CS3 or later to open. Any earlier versions (EG 7, 8, CS2) WILL NOT OPEN this project file.!

UPDATES: v 1.01

  • Created a new codec for the Tutorial (2 total). This should fix some problems PC users may be having with watching the tutorial (No audio for instance)
  • Created Presized project files. 720p and 1080p.

This project features: - The full video trailer above, every single layer, animation keyframe, preset is included for your editing pleasure.

- On The Run Music track can be purchased instantly from Audiojungle’s Author: Marko Zirkovich (ma9sharp11) Music is not included in the project.

- 6 Colour Grading Presets

- Customisable Background Loops. Make it as long as you want, in any pattern, any colour, any speed.

- Not the pro? No problem, follow the simple colour coded layers then COPY AND PASTE!

- Aside from the intro trailer, there is a second customisable Trailer: The Blast included in the project file. Spend more time living, not editing!

- Over 40 bonus vector objects included for your use! Feel free to reedit any of these objects.

- 7 royalty free grunge textures included! For when you want to dirty it up a little.

- A random number text layer for the techno savvy.

- Among the vector objects, this includes a window border vector graphic, just to make that empty space look nice.

- Make your own “3D” Text. Explained in the video tutorial.

- Almost everything can be customised including resolution, effects, colour text, vector objects etc. You can make it 1024×576 or a whopping 1920×1080!

- Intuitive enough for you to use without looking at the user guide. Also includes user guide and 12 min video tutorial to walk you through the project.

- No plugins required. If you have CS3, you can use this.

What are you waiting for? Get Raked today!