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Thanks bro :)

Cool style)

Thanks :)

Fabulous work !!

Thanks nukefx :)

Perfect work man , fantastic colors and also i like very much the great transitions which you used, Awesome corporate full pack i believe that you work very hard thsi project whis you many sales !!

Thanks lmtrixx, yes sure i work very hard to finish this project :)

Excellent work !!

Thanks Bro :)

Great project!!! Can you send a link from the song used in it? I would like to use the same.


Hi Janeantov

it’s in the description but don’t worry here is the link again http://audiojungle.net/item/rise-above/4452485 :)



Hi Ouss! I am really happy with your stylish and clean design! I would like to know if it is possible to change theh ‘Transition-B’ solid color for a picture. I case it is, could you please be so kind to explain me how? Thanks in advance! Angel.

Hi chilidods,,

sure you can change it from this color from the color control composition, please check this small tutorial to see how https://www.dropbox.com/s/z15naq4b9xwd674/change-tasition-color.mp4?dl=0

please let me know if you need any help :)

Hi again Ouss, thanks for your quick response, but I think you didn’t totally understand my question. I know how to change the color, but my idea was to change that solid grey/green plain transition color by a picture with full of logos I have designed. Is this easily feasible? Thanks again! Angel.

Yes you can do it, i create a small tutorial show you where you must insert the transition you want and how to remove the color effects from the existing transition )note: repeat this step in all scenes), https://www.dropbox.com/s/ckgfxanidafnu53/Change-Transition.mp4?dl=0

anyway if you don’t get the idea please send me the transition you want to use so i can create a real tutorial for you including you transition (please send me a PM from my profile page and i will reply you)

Hi Ouss! Your project is awesome! I wanted to ask you about the possibility of including in the Intro scene, another text like the grey one (because the phrase I have doesn’t fit that space)with the same movement, is it possible? and also another small text in the blue area in white letters? Is it easy? Thanks very much in advance!

Hi Dear,,

Sure you can do it it need a few extra steps only, and i can help you with that, also if you like just send me the text you want to use in this scene and i will do it for you, don’t worry it will take a few minutes with me and sure for free :)

Very interesting work! Good luck my friend! :)