The Perspective

The Perspective

The Perspective - 1 The Perspective - 2 The Perspective - 3

The Perspective - 4 Three algorithms are used: ROOM, CONE and CONICAL FRUSTUM

1.ROOM. Perspective is created by 4 points of the back wall and 4 points of projection lines:
The Perspective - 5

2.CONE. Perspective is created by 2 points of the back ellipse section (center and radius) and 4 points of projection lines.:
The Perspective - 6

3.CONICAL FRUSTUM This is the same as CONE, only the back cover appears.

The Perspective - 7 The Perspective - 8

  1. The built‐in camera exactly repeats the standard AE camera, you can perform manipulations even on a 2d layer.
  2. You can also transfer control to the composition camera by checking “External Camera”.
The Perspective - 9
Very easy to create parallax effects with composition camera:
The Perspective - 10

Pack includes:

  1. Plugin for Win (.aex)
  2. Plugin for Mac (.plugin)
  3. Installer.cmd for Win
  4. Installer.command for Mac
  5. Installation Guide.pdf
  6. Documentation.pdf
  7. Tutorial.mp4
The Perspective - 11


Version 1.0.0  -  14 May 2019
- Initial release of The Perspective


Music from DigiLynx on Audiojungle – Modern Future Bass
Images in preview use attribution license: Pexels