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Awesome project man, deserves alot more sales

Thank you so much!

I love this template but im having a few problems though when i replace the video it does not show up in my rencer only the text does what am i doing wrong?

Hello. can you tell me some additional information? it should work without problem. send me to my email

Is there anyway to get this in a 1080 version?

It is not prepared to 1080p. You can resize it and you will not see any artifact because the filters and the grunge style favours it. i have test it. regards

Hello. Cannot open zip file. Appears to be damaged. Have tried dl twice. Thanks.

Ok, just remembered an easy way to open damaged compressed files.

Hello if you continue with problems send me an email to fvegavilches@gmail.com. regards

Very cool project!

thank you so much!

I want to get the last GUN SHOT clip (N)...Its truly important for our project…Please email me the file to sales.bluemgt@gmail.com

Nice template, but It bothers me that the version of the audio you used in the preview here seems to have been extended. Of course I can loop part of it but the point of buying it was to save a bit of time.

please send me an email via my profile page (bottom/right) regards

Will this work for After Effects CC?

yes, it works perfectly. regards

Hi! Awesome work :) How many placeholders for text are there?

What you see is what you get :) I can help to you to duplicate some scenes easily. regards