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Cool work!

Thank you :)

cool work ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you !! :)

Hello !

I am French… Great video :-)

Question preliminary purchase:

Video editing can link?

Thank you

Thanks for appreciation, Links of the videos used in the preview videos have been given in the description, these footages are CC attribution licensed edited videos can be linked easily because they have separate place holders, you just need to drag drop your video and its done, a detailed video tutorial is also included, also if you need any further help you can email me on zia.tee@gmail.com Thanks, :)

Simple and Awesome, nice done! :)

when I open the project the program does not find the font. how can I do?

The font link is in the project description, you can download and onstall the font, reopen the project, and you will be fine. ;)

I have downloaded the file and added the footage, but it repeats the footage in succession. The first two footage frames are the same, the next 3 footage frames are the same. I do not see a placeholder for the additional footage frames

When I add multiple shots to the place holder, in the final clip, it only shows the top track in the ‘footage/image’ placeholder.

Answer: the video clips need to be staggered. You will need to go back and forth until you have it timed just right.

True. :)