Discussion on The Most Useful Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro

Discussion on The Most Useful Transitions Pack for Premiere Pro

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Hi Premiumilk i’ve read the directions, watched the tutorials and literally followed every step several times and it still wont work. Can you please help?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Be notice to change the correct 00_Resolution_Settings with the same resolution with your sequence. Thanks

Does this work for Premiere Pro 2022?

Hi, yes of course!

I’m trying to use these transitions in my Instagram stories, but when I change the frame size in Premiere the transitions stop working. Any recommendations on how and if these can still work when I change the frame size to 1920 tall by 1080 wide? Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Please check the description page and the tutorial. You have to change the 00 Resolution Settings sequence to 1080×1920 in order to use all transitions in this resolution. Thanks

Hello, i buy your product and with tuto the result is not ok. Could you help me please, just 5 min ? Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Did you check the description page that explains step by step how to import?

Thanks, i seen a screen in your mail, but i have not response…

Hello guys and ladies. Please re-download the project to find the new UPDATED TUTORIAL that explains all necessary actions in order to import the transitions correctly into your timeline. Otherwise check the tutorial on our YouTube channel here: Thanks

I am working on a project with multiple layers. When I disable a layer (as per the gif in the description page) to make the transitions work I lose the items on that disabled layer. I found that it is easier to just delete the video clip that gets pulled in with the transition. Not the best way to work but everything I have tried as per this comment section has not worked. Sorry, they are nice but not the most useful. It may help to spend some time in a video explaining in detail how the layers need to be set up prior to loading and using these transitions. Because throughout your video you enable and disable layers without explanation.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Check on the description page the gif file that shows how to import transition to timeline. First you select the transition, then you disable V1 and finally you drag to timeline.

Thanks for the quick response. Disabling tracks did work, somewhat. In my case I had to disable V1, V2 and V3 for it to work. And then some of the transitions still came through with their sample videos. Not sure why but this certainly helps. Thanks!

I am using Premiere Pro version 13.1.5 and the files will not import into my project. I’m getting an error message saying “This project was saved in a newer version of PPro and cannot be opened in this version”.

I read there was an update? How do I access that?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. The project requires Premiere Pro 2018 and above. You are able to download again the template to be sure that you have the latest.

Can’t get it to work in Premiere 2021. Same issues as those above.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Did you check the gif file on the description page on how to import transition into your timeline?

Hello, I have sent you an email, I cannot make it work in Premier Pro 2021, your video keeps appearing and not the effect I want to achieve, can you help me? Thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing. I send you an email. Thanks

Great transitions, Premiumilk :)

Hi, did anyone get the embedded video issue solved? I have followed everything from the tutorial and on these messages and it still wont work.

hello ! i downloaded the transition pack with license from ENVATO ELEMENTS but the project has all the files missing. Even while i tried to locate them they just did not show up while importing

Hi, thanks for purchasing. When you open the project on Premiere Pro 2020 just ignore the missing message. Just save the project with a new name and continue. Thanks

i have ignored the missing files and renamed but its still not opening

Please send us on some screenshots. Thanks

Does this work for 2020? It works fine in 2018 if I downgrade the project file but 2020 just says everything is offline. If I link the offline media it tells me The Importer Reported a Generic Error. If I offline them and delete the previews from the timeline and replace it with my footage they don’t work either.

Hi, yes it works correctly. Thanks for purchasing. Just click ok to rename the project file.

Yes, I also experience the same issue. The embedded Footage always show. Followed through your tutorial and all the steps mentioned above. V1 is off. The toggle button on the left “Overwrite nest”

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Check also V2,V3,V4 to be enable from the other side.

I purchased but doesn’t work for me in the way you showed on the tutorial. Mine still shows the same video clip that is in each transition instead of showing the video in my sequence.

Did anyone get this issue resolved with the video showing in the transition? If so, can you share info? Thank you

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Be sure that you have enable V1 Toggle the track targeting and V2, V3 source patching for inserts and overwrites. Thanks

Check also the tutorial to be sure how you click the buttons for V1,V2,V3 tracks.

support premiere cc 2018?when I click a file, it prompt premiere can’t be opened in this version

Hi, thanks for purchasing. You have to update Premiere Pro to 2019 or 2020 and above in order to have the new features of Mogrt files like changing the Fonts. Thanks

Hello, I did it exactly as in the instructions. But for me, the track always shows the same as in the preview; my sequence is not shown.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Check the button nest to Snap (Magnet) on the left to be Off. Thanks

The button is off. Can I send you a screenshot?

I hard to work. I need some help.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. How can I help you? Did you check the tutorial on YouTube:

Hello I don’t get the effect. The clip is in my video. How I get the effect? And yes I have seen the tutorial, I understand how get this.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Check the button next to snap on the left of your sequence and also the V1 to be disable. Thanks

is this a plug in?

Hi, no it is a project that you can import in to your project. Thanks


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