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How many text effects are included in this pack? That’s mainly what I am looking for.

Hello Anony, If you are looking for text animation we have a different product for this: https://videohive.net/item/2d-text-preset-pack-for-animation-composer/8949951?s_rank=4 This pack contains more than 1000 presets for text layers.

how can i change the language for the sittings in the animation composer??

Hello smartvisions2017, Animation Compopser is only in English


Aksirob Purchased

Hi, I am working with RTL (right to left) language (hebrew) is there any option to make text effects right to left?

Hello Aksirob, there are presets which are animated from the end. Please try to check this video https://cl.ly/9553a2753fd1


Noragn Purchased

Not all menus appear

Which I received very few very

Not like the appearance in the explanation


Hello Norgan, here you can find all the presets you should have https://misterhorse.tv/products/the-most-handy-motion-presets/43 If you have any trouble with installation please write to our support: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us

Are you updating for CC2019? Extension is not working/showing with the recent update.

Hello, we have updated our plugin to work with CC2019, please just make sure you are using th elatest version of Animation Composer and that you are logged in.

Hi there, Can i use the same license for my desktop and laptop ?

Hello manichework, you can use one licence on two computers simultaneously but you have to transfer your licence to Mister Horse account.

how do i trasfer ?

It’s very easy please just follow this tutorial: https://support.misterhorse.tv/248189-Transferring-a-Videohive-licence-key-to-your-Mister-Horse-account If you have more question please write to our support here: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us

preview panel

Hello, please could you write to our support team https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us if you have any problem? Thank you

I use cc 2018 and the problem is the preview windows&preview grid can’t show anything they just say ‘could not load A5U”kind of clip code”’ like that.. I reinstalled cc2018 and also animation composer and their files, but it didn’t solved..IDK what’s problem. my computer is not slow, it’s i7-8700, window 10,using GTX1060, 32ram

Hello, please make sure that you are using the latest driver for your GPU, you can also try to change video renderer like this: https://support.misterhorse.tv/941380-Slow-preset-and-precomp-preview-or-green-preview-window?r=1 Please if you have more question write to our suport team through our web: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us

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Hello. I’ve bought this item a time ago. Now I have a new computer, and I’m not able to activate it in my new PC.

Hello Felipse please could you write to our support here: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us

I can’t activate the product since your server is down!!!

Hello Kosmos, I’m very sorry for your inconvenience. Please could you write to our support team here: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us Thank you


Kosmos Purchased

Hello! Actually, I can’t connect to your site at all. All I see in the browser “This site can’t be reached misterhorse.tv took too long to respond.” The strange thing is that support.misterhorse.tv works fine, but not misterhorse.tv. When I click the contact us link I got redirected to misterhorse.tv and it doesn’t work for me as I said.


MisterZebra Author Team

Hello Kosmos, Thanks for reaching out. I have checked our servers and everything is working… Are you using some kind of firewall or antivirus prgram which could block the access??

عندي مشكلة في تثبيت المونتج ارجو الشرح لي


MisterZebra Author Team

Hello, I’m very sorry but we communicate only in english. If you have any problem please feel free to contact us here: https://misterhorse.tv/contact-us

Cool presets, good job! ♪♫


MisterZebra Author Team

Thank you very much. We are always working on our products to make them even better.