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Hello, what could be the reason. When open Animation Composer and select transformation, the after FX (cc 2017) crash, does not answer. It is necessary to complete its work through the task manager.

Hello leon,

I apologise for the inconvenience. This is quite strange, are you using the latest Animation Composer? Can you please send me an email to support@misterhorse.tv? It’s better to communicate that way.

You can also try this fix, it may be related: https://support.misterhorse.tv/941380-Slow-preset-and-precomp-preview-or-green-preview-window

Thanks, like would help.

Is this work with aftereffect 2018?

Just got an email about an update to this but can’t find a changelog anywhere to know whats changed. Would like to know so we can explore whatever is new or revised.

Thank you

I just got an email that this was updated. How do I update it in Ae?

Never mind, I think I got it. Thanks

Hi just updated to the new versions of text presets, but i don’t seem to have all the transitions that I see in your video? how can i fix this?

Hi there, hmm I am not sure what could be missing. Can you please send me some screenshots to support@misterhorse.tv? I am sure we can find a solution.


kalteis Purchased

hi there! quick question, i work both on my office mac and on the go on my macbook. do i need to purchase 2 licenses so i can use this on both devices, or is it included? thanks :)

Hello Kalteis,

You only need 1 license for 2 computers. It’s designed to work exactly for your situation.

I have noticed this now is V2 , can you please tell me that is new I am considering of purchasing this great presets.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Well in the new version we group all the preset controllers under one so it’s easier to adjust all the preset properties.

Check out this video, where Adam shows this on Text presets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=8CzHZxY22Vs

Thank you very much! I really do appreciate your help on this :)

I couldn’t activate 1000 preset

Hi there, I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please send us some more information to support@misterhorse.tv? A screenshot of the error would help.

summer promotion is over?

Hi there, unfortunately yes.


riza1st Purchased

I have a problem… when I put my license, it says to many used…

I have my license used in more than 2 computers, but those computers already not used.. and I’m on my new devices…

Is there any way I can reset my device license? thanks


riranet Purchased

Hi For installing on to PC I should buy it twice?


disent Purchased

Hi I just purchased it and it works great! Thank you, I just have one question / problem – I added the Wave Warp 2 Preset to a layer I imported from illustrator but the problem is that the warp is getting cut off on the sides of the layer which are defined by the size of the layers background (not the size of the actual composition), how do I adjust the size of the layer background so that the warp isnt being cut off on the sides? Thanks