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Thank you all!

Amazing template. Great camera moves, goes perfect with the music. Great job with this, wish you many sales! :)

Beautiful artwork mate, love it! :)
Wish you many sales!

This is beautiful, great job :)

All the best.

I liike this. Very nice but I have a quesiton. Can the picture placeholder background be changed? Is it easy?

Very easy, just drag and drop your image or video

Just Brilliant :)

A really beautiful project! I wish a lot of sales!

BEAUTIFUL. Elegant. Brilliant.

Any chance this project is available elsewhere in 1920×1080 resolution? this project would be perfect for me if it is

Just HD, my friend.

Loving this, so beautiful!

Thank you!

Hi – love this, great work, easy to work with

First edit https://vimeo.com/78375969

Soon to be a TV commercial.

Very nice, well done, I am very happy to see this.

As soon as I saw this I bought it. . Love it, love it, love it..!!!

. . . keep em coiming

Hi, thanks for purchasing. What is the yellow box? If you want to fade the text just put opacity keyframes to zero.

Thanks for your prompt reply. You have to excuse the terminology I am a novice with regards to AE. When i click on text a light brown shaped frame, and a yellow shaped from appears around the text? What is this called?

Sorry, I can’t understand you. Just email me what you want to do to answer you with detail.Thanks

Disappointed its 720. Just bought assuming HD was 1080

Great work. I have a problem with the sound. The mp3 file is not playing :( Could you send me ?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. You have to purchase the music from the link on the description page.