The Investigation | Fallout Concept

The Investigation | Fallout Concept

Customize This Template To Your Needs And…
Tell Us Your “Aftermath” Story

Here Is Ours :
A Side Effects ” Fallout Aftermath ” story telling AE template
After A ( Non-Specified ) Attack …Not Many Of Us Left …
Figure Out How This All Started , And A Way To End It …

The Beggining - This Will Introduce us The Topic We Are Going To Explore, With An Intro Title On An Old Paper Document Naming The ” Case ” ID

The Investigation - The Teaser Part Where We Are Provided With Secret Photographic Clues To Get Vidual Information On How It All Started

The In-Depth Analisys - With The Inteligence We Colected We Are Trying To Get More knowledge About The Incident So Our Next Move Is To Go Deeper And Hack The ” Database “

The After Math – After Some ” Hacking Struggle ” We Get Acces To The Some Of The Most Importat Assets “Phases Of The Infection And Footage Of The SideEffects” Now We Know Exactly What We Are Dealing With

The Disclosure – From This Point We Get The Full Control Of The Database, We Transition To An Interface That Has All The Nessasry Materials

The Mission - We Get A Full Report, Classsified Information Become Un-Classified A Mission With An Objective Brieffing Is Provided With the details of the Incident

The Closure - We Finally Get All The Assets And Its Up To Us To Deside Whether We Accept The Mission Or Not ( – )

Ps * I’m In …

Project File Features :

  • Adjust This Template To Your Needs And Tell Us Your Story
  • Over 100 Text Holders ( With Artifact Typography Text )
  • Over 70 Image / Video Placeholders
  • 100% After Effects Template CS5 And Above No Pluggins – No Prerenders
  • Seamless Chapter Part Transitions
    ( Extra Elements That Blend The Main Scenes Together )
  • Professional Semi-Photorealistic Design / Classified Typography Design
  • Unique HandCrafted 3D Animation – Not A Single Scene Is Duplicated
  • In Sync Sound Effects Mix Included With The Download
    (IKn Sync Music Track Will Be Available In AudioJungle As Soon As It Get Reviewed)
  • Voiceover Video Tutorials Included Categorized Per Part ( For Easy Customization )
  • Neatly Organized Structure For Clean Customization Experience
  • Render Options: Full HD 1920×1080 , HD 1280×720, SD 960×540

  • Audio Used In Preview : Radioactive Dreams

    Thank You For Your Time
    Regards Billaras

    Some Additional Info :

    Main Concept : Hello, This is My New After Effects Template for Videohive Featuring a Visual StoryTelling Structure Project Built Based On A StoryBoard With Seamless Flow, In Order To Achieve This Kind Of Progressive Chapter Blend And Let The Story Unfold Smoothly I Created Some Transition Scenes That Introduce The Next Chapter With Referance The Topic Before,

    Design: The Overal Design Of The Template Is Consistent To The Main Elements With A Post Apocaliptic Scenario, Dramatic Color Grades, Dark Vibes And Mystery Environmets. Everithing Was Created Inside After Effects With Advanced Procedural Texturing, Careful Animation Inside Every Composition , Unique Artifact Elements Per Scene, Consistent Typograhy Designs , All Neatly Composited Together To Achive The Final Result

    About The Organization:The Project Structure Is Neatly Organized With ForlderS Per Chapter For Easy Browsing, With Coments On Each Folder. Also The Essensial Elemets Are Seperated From The Main Folder To Avoid Confusion And Mistakes.

    About Customization :The Customization Experience Of The Project Is Clean With Easy Acces To Each ( Editable ) Section, Revolutionary Image/Video Text Holders So Clients Can Eaily Change What They Need Without Getting Overwhelmed By Open Compositions During The Customization Process, Also A Folder With The Main Scenes Seperated Is Incuded So The Option To Preview The Changes Before Going To The Final Render Comp Is Available. ( Everything I Mention Above Is Neatly Categorized In Voiceover Video Tutorials Per Chapter )

    About The Support And Help Files : All Links To Fonts Audio/Footage Used In Preview Are Incuded , Categorized VoiceOver Video Tutorials To Eliminate Any Possible Clients Enquiry And Contact / Support Info So I Can Assist Any Buyer In Person.

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