The Gamer - Electronic Sport Pack

The Gamer - Electronic Sport Pack

This beginner frendly gaming template is targeted for Twitch,Youtube or Social Media platforms. The project is easy to use and you have control over font, text, colors, media content. You can add or remove players/casters/teams by a simple click. When you enter the wins and losses, the table will auto arrange rankings by wins. That flexible! Project includes detailed video tutorials to help you along the way with any technical issues.

- Auto arrange rankings by wins.
- Beginner friendly
- Video tutorials included
- Controler for fast and easy editing
- No plugin required


01. Intro
02. Player Origin
03. Player Rank
04. Team Lineup (1 to 5 players)
05. Player Stats
06. Team Damage
07. Teams Winrate (1 to 10 teams)
08. Player APM
09. Top 3 Winners
10. Group stage ( 1 to 10 teams/group)
11. Group Schedule ( 1 to 5 schedules )
12. Top 10 Teams by Month Comparison
13. Challenger Teams (1 to 8 )
14. Four Groups On Page ( 1 to 10 teams per group )
15. Player vs Player
16. On-Air Team ( 1 to 5 casters)

If you have any questions or need any assistance with this project, email me via videohive.

Font used in this project you can download here: Font
Music used in this project you can download here: Audiojungle
Videos used in the preview are not included. You can find them here: Videohive