The Expedition

The Expedition

YOU WILL LOVE THESE FILES AS WELL. \\)” title=” :)” />

The Expedition - 1

The Expedition - 2 The Expedition - 3
The Expedition - 4 The Expedition - 5

The Expedition - 6


WPaten Presents : The Expedition
An HD Project (1280×720p) in Adobe After Effects CS4

The Expedition - 7

Hey everyone. This is a fun and unique way to showcase your photos and videos. Perfect for the
travel based photo shoots, but also lends itself to the vacation theme as well. As each section builds
you get to see the entire final montage in a surprising way that will leave the viewer wanting to
watch it again and again. Great also for websites, and promotional items. \\)” title=” :)” />

The Expedition - 8

The Expedition - 9


  • No Plug ins required. If you have the Full Version of After Effects CS4
    then you have what you need.
  • HD Rez. 1280×720p
  • SUPER EASY TO UPDATE. Just replace with your photos and text and render
  • 15 Placeholders for photos or videos.
  • Music file is not included however send me a PM after you purchase and I will show you
    where to get it.
  • Send me a PM with questions. Thanks. \\)” title=” :)” />

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