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Interesting Project.Wish you Big Sales!

Thanks KZ! Appreciate it. :)

Wow, this is great. Nice work!

Thank you so much FreezegunCreative!

Wow! This is awesome! Very unique and compact project! And the main idea is amazing!

Aw, thank you HoneyLoud! :)

Really cool work, man)))

Thanks Ritchard. :)

Call me impressed, I wish I had the money to try it, but nice detailed video man.. Wish you tons of sales…

Thanks Ezpzmarketing, appreciate you saying that. We have a forever free version which includes one motion library and all the stock media libraries. I think you’ll find value there and it costs you nothing. :)

Hi, can’t install, can you please help?

Certainly. Please contact me at and I will walk you through the process with images to make it easier.

I can’t understand or do a tutorial with masks. I won’t go any further. It’s good that it’s a demo because I didn’t find out about it after spending the money. Think about video tutorials.

Hello Gregre07,

Thank you for the advice.

There is an inline demo within the app for masks. Tours are built into all versions of the app. If you click on the top-right dropdown menu > tours > it’s the third slide. This will take you through how masks work interactively, so you learn hands-on.

I am also currently editing a tutorial which shows how masks work in a real-world project.

The paid version comes with complete documentation, also.

Best, Dave

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take the next steps in Tours. If the full description of the operation is only in the paid option, unfortunately I will not use it. If this is a tool that requires so much learning, it (for me) will not speed up the daily work. Sorry, think about the UX, not just the nice pictures.

Thanks for the feedback, Gregre07. It’s appreciated.


We are impressed by this: GREAT product, whoa! (with Foto form, what un unbelievable duo: we see great ideas to promote namaste with these 2!)

Would you be open to offer a free license as sponsorship for a tiny registered non profit helping orphans in Nepal and India? (

That would help us soooo much to start our new website and get some traffic and sponsors for our cause… My wife and I are working for free for our little non profit / NGO and have no fund for IT/graphic as per our charter status (100% of donations go to children)...

Thanks for helping us if you can! ;-)

Thanks! :-) Yannick, for Namaste-Welfare’s team

Hello, I like the animation in Would I be able to use dokyu to do something like that over a talking head? Thank you

Hello Delores,

This is actually one of our own mini documentaries, so it’s nice that you selected that as an example! Yes, you can use Dokyu to composite over live action footage.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the most common use for Dokyu because arranging animation to fill the shot is usually more time-consuming than using alongside recorded footage.

This recent post to our blog might be helpful to show you how motion design is being used now:

Thanks for the question!

Thank you!

Hi! The content library that comes with Dokyu—is access and use of content free after purchasing Dokyu? Or do they cost additional? Can I try the free forever version that you mentioned in one of your replies?

Hi Pixiechix,

Yes, everything is the content library is available after purchasing – no additional costs.

Absolutely you can use the forever free version! Head over to the homepage to download:

Thanks for the question.


drufus Purchased

Got it opened.

Glad you hear you got in, Drufus!

Just for future readers, if you’re told the license is invalid, please make sure you’re using your Envato username with the license Envato email to you.

Could you use this to animate a still photo or to do 2.5D parallax effects with A/E and how. Thank you.

Hey Zeinab,

Still photos are automatically animated in the typography and documentary libraries, and to a lesser extent in some other libraries. You can preview them all in the web demo here:

But for 2.5D parallax, Dokyu is not an item for that. Photo animations are all pre-animated rather than being customized by the user.

Thanks for the question.

I am having a lot of problems w/this extension. Every time I open AE, it tell me the credentials are incorrect, when I enter them again, it says to re-open the extension, after that the entire AE crashes and closes. Who can I contact to fix this issue? I try as indicated in the TX file but no answer so far.

Hi David,

This is probably a licensing issue. Please follow up via email and I will look into that for you:

Thanks, Dave


It seems the problem comes from trying to install Dokyu with the Adobe Extension Manager. Quite understandably I’ve had other customers try this, but AEM was retired after CS6.

Extensions are now installed with third party ‘ZXP’ installers. There are several you can choose from, but I recommend the AEScripts version as it includes a handy uninstaller:

Please ensure you’re also using After Effects CC2019 or more recent due to the newer web technologies used in Dokyu.

Once installed, we have a comprehensive troubleshooting page that can assist you with other small issues, which you can find here:


aqtom Purchased

Hi I’m having trouble with the overlay captions. If I insert one on the project and then later try to insert another one of the same type it keeps the same text and settings for both captions. What can I do?

Hi Aqtom, please send some screens or a video recording to and I’ll look into that for you.

Best, Dave

Thanks, therealist_network!


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